Cute Rubber Band Hairstyles

Criss-cross hairstyles can be an easy and stylish way to add some rubber band flair to your locks. Simply section and connect diamond pieces in an overlapping criss-cross pattern before securing them in a bun, ponytail, or puff.


Rubber bands offer an eye-catching way for braiders to add an eye-catching touch to their style, perfect for girls with medium and long hair lengths. To get this look, create a symmetrical braid secured with rubber bands on each side; then create a criss-cross pattern using the remaining hair, using more rubber bands if necessary to complete this style.

Criss-cross patterns look chic and feminine on any woman, while colorful rubber bands add an eye-catching pop of color and flair. This look makes an excellent statement at festivals or outdoor events requiring quick-and-easy eyes to complete your look. For an elegant look, try this style on a girl with natural curls – this way, the criss-cross patterns won’t compete with her beautiful rings and take away from their volume! She can pair this look with stunning clothing and make-up to create an unforgettable evening out!


If your daughter loves wearing pigtails, try adding a pattern of colored rubber bands on each ponytail side ponytail – this simple yet sophisticated style looks cute and stylish. Accessorize further with flowers or other accessories for an additional pretty effect.

One exciting rubber band hairstyle is adding a criss-cross pattern on top of her head, which will look beautiful while being practical for school. Tie it up with a bow for an added special touch! This style is an easy, beautiful way to style short natural hair. You don’t need any special occasion or event – homecoming or prom event! Secure several small sections of hair in the front with rubber bands in a criss-cross pattern for an intricate, eye-catching look that will turn heads!


Use colored or clear elastics to create various sections and patterns in your locks, or match the band color with that of your locks for an overall coordinated look. Perfect for medium or long natural locks alike, rubber band hairstyles look incredibly stunning when accented by beads or rings!

Rubber bands create this adorable hairstyle featuring diamond-patterned diamonds in your locks! Start by sectioning off two large sections at the front that lead into four rubber bands on top; pull all remaining locks into one of your low buns and decorate it with big bows for an adorable back-to-school style or make this part of a special event like a wedding or prom hairdo!


Rubber band hairstyles add an adorable element to any style, framing a girl’s face beautifully. Easy and quick to create, rubber band styles look gorgeous on any hair and add even more personality by accessorizing with colorful clips!

Criss-cross rubber band hairstyles have become one of the most sought-after looks. To achieve this look, simply section your hair into small boxes or triangles using rubber bands and secure each box individually before connecting each round with another in a criss-cross pattern – ideal for girls with long natural locks! This style looks especially lovely.

Pigtails are another unique rubber band hairstyle; they are perfect for special events like weddings and proms. To add a splash of color, try adding colored rubber bands that stand out against your glossy locks.