Cute Quick Braided Hairstyles

Doing cute braided hairstyles takes a little time! Whether your locks are long or mid-length, there’s an effortless style for every hair length and type.

1. The Dutch Braid

This striking braided look is the ideal way to elevate a second-day bun. Clip your hair down the middle, clip half off, and start weaving a Dutch fishtail braid until all your available strands have been added. The key to creating this look is adding side hair into each braid stitch, giving it a ribbon-like appearance!

2. The Twist Braid

Bring out the hippie in you with this adorable quick braided hairstyle that highlights your crown in an eye-catching fashion. Pair it with your favorite crop top and high-waisted shorts for an eye-catching date night look. Add cornrows for an elegant take, as actress Kerry Washington did on two-strand twist natural hairstyles featuring two twisted plaits. Add color for added impact!

3. The Pull Out Braid

If you like box braids, this is an easy and stylish way to wear them. Pull some hair when finishing a strand and loosen it for a fuller look. Start by parting your hair into two sections and braiding each regularly until it reaches the nape of your neck, then secure its end with a U-pin.

4. The Four-Strand Braid

Four-strand braids make an incredible statement while being surprisingly simple to create. All it takes is some practice, and your locks can remain looking their best all day long! Remember the Over-Under Rule when styling multiple strands; your outer left strand should pass over and under strands 2 and 3, then under and over strand 1. Make sure to secure with a hair tie before spraying on some hairspray!

5. The Low Bun

Try this adorable braided bun when you’re searching for an exciting, distinctive way to pull back your locks. Perfect for special events and works exceptionally well when worn with lace dresses! Although we love complicated braided styles like cornrows and Fulani braids, sometimes you want something easy and quick! That’s where these 38 cute quick-braided hairstyles come in handy!

6. The Loopy Bun

No matter where life takes you, this 2-in-1 braid will complete any look efficiently and style. Simple yet chic, it complements every occasion and outfit perfectly! Brush and detangle your locks before creating a low bun in the back. Wrap and pin a loose regular braid around its base for an adorable finish touch!

7. The Loose Tension Braid

Tight braids and twisted styles like box braids, passion twists, and goddess locs can tax your scalp. Wearing them up in ponytails and buns only increases their discomfort, so leaving them down whenever possible is wiser. Utilizing a braid spray may also prove helpful in relieving tension from your scalp and nourishing your strands with essential moisture, relieving pressure from their base.

8. The Braided Ponytail

This beautiful braided hairstyle can be an absolute lifesaver when the humidity makes your locks frizz and fly away, not to mention adding just the right touch for formal events! Plus, it goes great with simple dresses! Adopt a boho look with whimsical flyaways or add pearl accessories for more feminine charm – this style is ideal for any special event!

9. The Braided Top Knot

This style is one of the more accessible braided looks that doesn’t require too much precision while creating an eye-catching design that will attract attention. Add an elegant touch to any daytime ensemble by styling a braided top knot to a loose high bun. Perfect for date night, brunch with friends, or casual weekend outings! Brush and detangle your hair before braiding small sections before attaching them to your bun.

10. The Over-the-Shoulder Braid

A classic side braid looks especially striking with side-swept bangs. This cute style makes an excellent accessory for an outdoor adventure or a day at the beach! To achieve this look, brush out any tangles or knots from your locks. Next, part your hair on either side (it doesn’t matter which) and gather one section into a base pigtail secured with an elastic.