Cute Natural Styles For 4C Hair

There are many different types of short, cute natural styles for 4C hair. The first type is called a “halo braid” and it’s a classic princess-like style that can last for a few days. To achieve this cute natural style, start by sleeking and adding jumbo braiding. Using a Denman brush, lay the edges and apply gel. Your style will last for a few days!

Cute Natural Styles 4c – Blue Anime Model


If you want to try out cute natural styles for short hair, halo braids will be your best bet. With short natural locks, this style will give you a sleek princess look that will last for several days. To make this style, you will need to tighten the sleeking and braiding, and lay the edges. The video below shows the exact steps to follow. This style works well for both short and medium length hair.

When you have short 4C hair, it’s easy to create a sleek princess-like style. Halo braids require a few simple steps, including tightly sleeking the hair before adding jumbo braiding. Make sure to lay the edges and add a few twists to the ends, which will frame your face. This cute, simple style is perfect for busy mornings or nights. If you’re looking for a more permanent style, try the ponytail.