Cute Mullet Hairstyles For Men

Modern take on the mullet

This stand-out look features tapered fades. Perfect if you want a mullet look without going full-on 1987!

zendaya’s honeycomb mullet

Zendaya looks beautiful in her honeycomb mullet with full, textured bangs. A side-swept pomp crowns her forehead, while the back is styled as a semi-french crop for volume and texture.

Layered Fade

A layered fade can instantly elevate your locks’ style and cool factor. Opting for a medium taper haircut with a textured top can achieve this sexy and messy style that you can quickly style using lightweight hair products.

Burst Fade

Burst fade is an excellent way to add flair and individuality to their appearance. This variation on the fade haircut looks chic and distinctive and is easily maintained through proper haircare practices.

Temple Fade

Temple fades (sometimes referred to as blowouts or Brooklyn disappear) are an effective way of adding structure and definition to this style’s voluminous top section. Their sharp contrast also helps define and highlight their naturally rounded form.

Pushback Fade

This style combines a pushback with a medium-length fade. It works beautifully with any hair length and style on top, such as fohawks, pompadours, disconnection, and others.

Brush-Up Fade

This short mullet style is easy to maintain and makes an impressionful professional statement. Select a fade line above the ear and use a conditioning product to keep bangs soft and texturized.

Undercut Fade

Low undercuts are an adorable haircut option for thin hair that is easy to style. These styles will keep your locks looking their best for months!

Tossy Fade

Wavy locks add plenty of texture and body to any look, as seen here by this medium fade with subtle drops highlighting the waves while an alluring fringe vies for supremacy at the center.

Spiky Fade

Spiky hairstyles have come a long way since their nineties popularity. Today’s men with short or medium-length hair can benefit from adding some strong-hold pomade to create these pointy locks.

High Fade

Add an edge to your mullet with a slicked-back high fade. This style emphasizes hair texture without creating an unruly or harsh look; Halsey was famously seen sporting this look featuring a wavy texture on top and short curtain bangs.

Touseled Fade

Tousled hair adds casual charm to a faded haircut. This style combines a neatly cut fade with curly or wavy top layers that have been loosely tousled for a striking, eye-catching finish.