Cute Medium Haircuts

Cute medium haircuts can be styled in multiple ways. Take this voluminous shaggy lob for example, which adds both tomboyish charm and cuteness with its deep side part and curls.

High-Low Hems

High-low hemlines have become one of the hottest fashion trends. From formal high-low dresses for special events to casual high-low skirts worn with sneakers and denim jackets, this go-anywhere style suits every occasion with ease.

Looking for an effortlessly stylish medium haircut with minimal upkeep requirements? Consider an undone lob with curtain bangs as it adds volume and femininity while remaining low maintenance. Plus, its blonde highlights make this cut particularly flattering!

Blunt Shoulder Length

Blunt shoulder length haircuts work well with various hair textures and facial structures, providing maximum versatility when it comes to styling this versatile look for any event or special occasion. They’re an excellent way to achieve sleek and polished looks when combined with a slicked-back ponytail or chic side parting for added style points.

Add extra dimension and drama to your blunt cut with some color on the ends of your hair for an eye-catching style that works great for anyone with thick, voluminous locks. It’s the ideal solution to spice up a simple style!

Choppy Bob

A choppy bob is the ideal hairstyle for women looking for something fun, yet daring and feminine at the same time. The angled layers add dimension, helping elongate both face and neckline length, with it suitable for casual as well as professional occasions.

This choppy bob is ideal for thin or fine hair because it adds volume and texture without appearing heavy or flat. Additionally, this hairstyle offers curlier girls a great opportunity to play with their natural curls for an eye-catching style.

Add waves to your choppy bob for a more structured style, and it will make the ideal look for going out with friends or other activities. Additionally, adding highlights can give it some depth.

Silver Hair

Silver hair is trendy, flattering and suitable for nearly every shade and texture. If you want a new hair color experience, silver blonde highlights (think money pieces) can add dimension as do gray balayages which add subtle blue or purple hues.

Yanchuck advises those attempting to achieve a silver hue through natural means must use clarifying shampoo and conditioner, such as Amika Soul Food ($28) or Kevin Murphy, along with Olaplex repair treatments in between treatments, for best results.

No matter which style or length cut you select, from this wavy silver hairstyle to straight textured shoulder length cuts, your new cut is sure to create an effortlessly stylish silhouette around your face. Additionally, this cut gives you plenty of freedom when it comes to playing around with different strands of color — see this caramel brown shade as another beautiful option!