Cute Long Curly Hairstyles That Look Girl Next Door

For an adorable long curly hairstyle that embodies girl-next-door charm, request shoulder-length layers from your stylist that allow low coils to unfurl beautifully and frame your face-framing bangs as part of this stunning ensemble. If a middle position isn’t your cup of tea, opt for a deep side part to swoop your curls to one side for an alternative look. Prep with volumizing mousse to enhance it further.

Gen Z may have declared side parts dead, but they still look elegant, particularly with curly locks. A side part frames your face beautifully while lengthening an oblong or rectangular face shape. A medium-length deep side part with loose flowing curls creates an elegant feminine aesthetic; for tight coils, try spraying with volumizing mousse or salt spray before styling to give them added movement and volume. A deep side part can add dimension and depth to your features if you’re growing out a pixie, bob, or lob haircut. Start the division about half an inch to the left of where you usually part your hair before creating more dramatic curves by tousling curls with fingers or texturizing products such as gritty paste.

Curly or straight, this charming half-up hairstyle makes any loose locks appear polished for any event – from work meetings to date nights with friends! It primarily works well on medium-length or longer curly locks and looks lovely when done correctly. This style requires more patience and the help of bobby pins; however, its beautiful results justify any additional work. Begin by gathering a square top section of hair just above your ears, securing it in the back with some bobby pins for extra hold if necessary. Next, create a messy bun and ensure its sides use more bobby pins if required – remember to spritz some got2b Volumaniac hairspray for texture and hold.

Pineapple (or twisting your strands into an updo similar to pineapple) is an overnight hair routine designed to protect curls from frizz and stretching, while refreshing an existing twist-out or wash-and-go style. When you doubt what to do with your coils, pineapple is often the solution! At the core of every successful pineapple, updo lies selecting an elastic or scrunchie that can safely secure all your strands together without tightening too tightly or pulling on them, so that when morning comes, you will wake up to smooth curls devoid of kinks!

Make your hair appear fuller by braiding and leaving loose strands at the front of your face. This technique helps frame the face beautifully and is particularly attractive on girls with wavy or curly locks. This long, curly hairstyle can make an impressive statement at weddings or parties. Ask your hairstylist to add bright stripes of purple and aqua-blue hues to the curls for an eye-catching, fashionable, playful finish. If you love waterfall and mermaid braids, this hairstyle may be just what you want. Starting with a sleek waterfall braid and pulling some of its strands out to create the mermaid effect will surely please any fan of either style!

Try a curly faux hawk if you want a touch of rebellious glam without shaving your sides. This long hairstyle emphasizes natural coil patterns while quickly fitting any occasion or setting. Work with your hairstylist to find a style cut and curl-enhancing products tailored specifically for you and your texture to achieve the look. Wrapping a headband or scarf around your long locks is another adorable and chic way to style long locks, suitable for casual events with friends or special dinners. It looks fantastic no matter the occasion! Add a hint of seductiveness to your look by asking your stylist to add face-framing highlights – they will contrast beautifully against your curly locks!