Cute Long Curly Hairstyles For Girls

Effortless Style with Side-Swept Curls

Try this effortless style if you want a quick way to switch up your everyday look! Swoop your curls over to one side while leaving loose any face-framing tendrils for an effortlessly cute style perfect for any event!

Charming Half-Up with Middle Part

Zendaya shows us that even those with naturally curly locks can rock a middle part. Her charming half-up style demonstrates just that and perfectly keeps the strands off your face without losing volume or shaping.

Polished Kinks with Hair Styling Gel

Curly hairstyles for girls are an expressive way of showing individuality, yet it can sometimes be challenging to keep looking their best due to frizz-prone locks. hair styling gel is one effective way to maintain a neat and polished appearance in your locks. This will smoothen their surface and diminish any signs of kinks or split ends.

Timeless Soft Curls with Side-Swept Bangs

Long, soft curls with side-swept bangs create a timeless, sophisticated style perfect for casual and formal events. It flatters all face shapes while adding volume and definition to thin hair.

Luxurious Deep Side Part

This style is ideal for middle-length curly hair as it frames and emphasizes your jawline while looking luxurious when swept to one side and secured with hairspray mist. Additionally, this works equally well on wavy locks as well.

Messy Half-Up with Braids

A messy half-up hairstyle with braids instantly looks sexy with just two braids added to its style. This hairdo allows you to show off your beautiful curls without appearing unruly. For a more polished version, try twisting two sections of hair together and clasping them, creating an elegant braided halo that’s suitable for any event!

Cute Double Twist for Variety

This cute, long, curly hairstyle creates a fantastic look for any woman looking for variety and style. Start by dampening your locks before applying curl-enhancing cream and scrunching up sections from the middle up towards the roots until finished. For a casual yet sophisticated style, tuck the front curls into a loose ponytail and pin back curls over it for an eye-catching face-framing style. Or add volume by adding surface layers near your crown of head for an edged updo!

Elegant Ombre Transition

If you’re naturally blonde, dyeing your hair ombre style will provide an elegantly subtle effect. The gradual color transition will create the appearance of fuller and thicker locks. The ombre technique can also be an ideal way to incorporate unconventional hues such as purple or pink into one’s look, helping reduce demarcation lines while being an easy maintenance solution for those not interested in getting regular highlights.

Beach-Ready hair with Playful Vibes

Beachy hairstyles can make for the cutest beach outfit. Not only will it keep your locks out of your face when playing in the surf, but adding a head scarf for an added romantic touch makes this style genuinely beach-ready! Double Dutch braid or buns is another fun beach hairstyle.

Adorable Space Buns for Natural Hair

Space buns are an adorable way to show off your natural hair texture, perfect for an outing with friends or lunch with colleagues. Additionally, this style makes an eye-catching statement at music festivals or raves! Lizzo’s playful space buns channel Princess Leia’s iconic double buns with an updated twist. She completed this look by styling them with matching eye-skimming bangs to complete her dramatic and edgy style.