Cute Hairstyles With Fake Hair

Homecoming season is the ideal opportunity to experiment with adorable hairstyles that will elevate any look, be it protective styles or sleek aesthetics. Your teen will turn heads at Homecoming with their latest fashionable hairdo!

Try this easy braided crown if your teen wants to channel Harley Quinn without her devil horns! No additional accessories are necessary!

Mini Buns

Buns can help keep children’s locks out of the way while remaining stylish and moisturized. Try pairing this style with shea butter-based products like Xotics Sweet Jamilla for optimal results. Add braids and a bow for an adorable, flirty hair look perfect for weddings or date nights! Thicker locks may require thickening serum or hairspray to secure this style all day; otherwise, it works well with all hair textures.

Afro Puff Drawstrings

Try this cute party hairstyle that looks natural: an Afro Puff Drawstring Ponytail. Perfect for days when your natural kinky locks need an extra boost! Gather your natural hair into a low ponytail, attach the cap part of an afro puff with its drawstring and combs, fluff it out, and you’re good to go! Just remember to take great care in maintaining both sets of false strands as if they were real; washing regularly and moisturizing to maintain longevity, as well as avoiding dyes or excessive heat, which could accelerate their drying out faster than your real ones.

Faux Locs

Faux locs offer an easy way to experience the look of dreadlocks without fully committing. Lasting two months with regular hydration and edge control gel application, faux locs provide a versatile look worth trying. There are various faux locs styles, such as gypsy locs, goddess locs, and mermaid locs. Each requires unique techniques, accessories, and hair types to achieve a distinct appearance. Before getting faux locs, ensure your stylist knows about any hair issues you have to provide the new style won’t be painful, itchy, or smelly. Furthermore, overwashing could lead to frizz and dry scalp.

Goddess Locs

Goddess locs are an increasingly fashionable protective style that exudes chicness. Celebrities like Meagan Good have made goddess locs popular by wearing them with different colored extensions of long lengths for an eye-catching look that flatters anyone. Pierce notes the main difference between goddess locs, and traditional dreadlocks is that goddess locs feature loose ends, which reveal the natural textures of hair extensions or the natural surface of extensions used as extensions. She recommends seeking references or searching Instagram to find stylists specializing in goddess locs who produce consistent results. To install this style, a stylist must first cornrow back the hair before crocheting each loc with braiding hair and wrapping them with hair from their stash to conceal their cornrow base and make them appear more realistic.

Rainbow Braids

Try rainbow braids for an eye-catching and vibrant look! You can make these from natural or synthetic locks, making them great for festivals and parties. Remember to wash them often to properly care for the false locks you use for this look! Add dimension to your braids by pairing them with accessories that enhance their look, such as tiaras. Tiaras add an air of sophistication ideal for homecoming events; pair them with slick-back ponytails and carefully parted hair for an eye-catching effect.

Sleek High Bun

If a messy bun updo is too casual for your needs, or if you want to add sophistication for a night on the town, try opting for a sleek high bun style instead. Model-approved styling of this high bun looks sexy yet sophisticated and is easily achievable. Start by brushing your hair and applying a leave-in conditioner rich in moisture, then create a high ponytail using shorter strands that wrap around it for your desired bun length. Add some added polish to this cute hairstyle by using hairspray and any decorative accessories available.