Cute Hairstyles For Layered Hair

Top Knot

For an effortless yet chic hairstyle, the top knot is an ideal solution for women with long and layered locks. Add fringe for an eye-catching finish, or pair this style with an attractive T-shirt and beard for an overall masculine, yet chic appearance. This style is ideal for creating a voluminous appearance. To do this, gather your hair at the crown into a ponytail and spray with hairspray before twisting a section and wrapping it around the base of the ponytail; secure its ends with bobby pins.

Space Bun

This fun take on space buns is excellent for medium-length natural hair, and is simple and quick to create. Add braids for a more intricate style; use bold colors to make this style pop and make a statement! To achieve this look, create two high ponytails and brush out any tangles. Secure each ponytail using a hair tie or bobby pins before twisting each bun upwards, spiraling, and securing with a hair tie or bobby pins for a final touch.

Layered Lob

This layered bob with bangs is ideal for women looking to add volume and movement to their long strands. It works well on all face shapes and hair textures but is incredibly flattering for round faces or heart-shaped ones. Additionally, this hairstyle works wonders for those with thin locks who wish to make their hair appear fuller. Layered hairstyles can frame your face, draw attention to the cheekbones, or soften features depending on how you wear them. A blunt lob without layers creates an effortless yet low-maintenance look, while choppy layers add texture for an everyday casual appearance.

Curly hair with Layers

There are various adorable hairstyles for layered hair that will showcase your beautiful curly locks in an eye-catching manner. Layers can help add shape and structure without overdoing it or looking clumped or unruly. Your stylist can create romantic and feminine layers that frame your face and neck area, incorporating highlights to make these feathered layers stand out against your natural shade and complement them further. Please complete the most of your layered haircut by styling it with large waves or curls to add a more voluminous and stylish appearance that complements almost every facial structure.

Ombre Two-Toned Hair

hair colors rarely look more stunning than an elegant ombre style. From subtle brown-to-blonde fades to more striking multitone effects, an ombre will instantly elevate any look and make it instantly recognizable. A light brown ombre that fades seamlessly into a caramel blonde shade makes a summer-appropriate style statement, perfect for those fearful of bleaching their entire head. It looks natural while remaining completely manageable; it is ideal for those unsure about going the whole hog with bleach. If you really want to go all-out, why not add a green ombre? This color looks particularly striking with straight, long hair!

Long Layered Hair with Straight Fringes

This layered hairstyle is ideal for showing off thick, luscious locks to their full potential. The layers create movement and volume in long, straight strands while pairing perfectly with balayage highlights or soft honey-blonde hues. This cute layered haircut with its dramatic fringes frames the face beautifully while adding an air of drama. Perfect for those who enjoy channeling retro style! Ask your stylist to add long, windswept layers with a straight middle part for an eye-catching layered haircut that’s sure to draw compliments. Finish it with wavy or curly locks and texturizing spray for added volume.

Layered Bob

Layered hair adds movement and volume, but they can be tricky to manage if not cut correctly. If you want a cute layered bob, there are numerous styles you can try for driving them, from classic layers, feathering, flipped ends, and feathered layers. These cute hairstyles for layered hair will help you get the look you want! Ask for feathering at the salon if you’re going to upgrade your layered bob. This technique will create more volume and structure in your locks while simultaneously emphasizing any blonde hues present in your locks.