Cute Hairstyles For Girls

Kids love quick and easy hairstyles that keep their locks out of the face and are fashionable, too! Whether your little girl has thin or thicker, curlier locks, there will surely be an adorable style just right for her!

Side Braids

One of the classic hairstyles for girls is a side braid. Easy and convenient to create, this hairstyle allows your daughter to add her personality by adding colorful beads or clips for added whimsy. Long-haired children will benefit from keeping it sleek all day without tangles or frizz; brush their locks thoroughly before braiding, as this can prevent knots or tangles that might make braiding more challenging.

Side Crown Braids

Side crown braids can be an eye-catching hairstyle that’s flirty and chic for girls. Perfect for the heat of summer, a side crown braid will keep her hair out of her face as she soaks up the sun’s warmth. They also make an ideal option for beach vacations or family picnics and pair nicely with sundresses and sunglasses for an eye-catching look!

Side Braided Look for Short Hair

Your daughter with short hair can still create an adorable side braided look using two tiny half pigtails for a sweet, playful style that will up her style quotient. Easy and hassle-free to make and carry around, a side braid is hassle-free to create, while if you want something with more flair, add a bow clip for extra flair!

Long Bob with a Middle Part

No matter the length, thickness, or texture of her locks, there are plenty of cute girls’ hairstyles to make her look stunning and stylish. A longer bob works beautifully for thinner strands, while shorter styles work better on thicker locks – the key is adding layers in strategic places so her strands remain soft yet easy to manage without looking too harsh.

Bob with Subtle Highlights

One way to enhance a long bob is with subtle highlights. This will create an eye-catching two-tier effect by showing off its dark underlayer and light, textured top layers – creating an elegant, classy bob that perfectly complements any woman’s complexion and hair color.

Chin-Length Bob

A chin-length bob is an excellent option for young girls because it’s simple and won’t interfere with their activities. Use any of your preferred techniques – center part, curtain bangs, or Dutch or French braiding techniques – when styling it.

Braided Pigtails for Little Black Girls

This adorable girl’s hairstyle is ideal for little black girls. The braided pigtails provide a clean, tidy appearance, allowing her to play freely without fear of loose hair straying into her eyes or face as she plays freely. Additionally, this look can make an impactful statement at special events such as parties and dances.

Flip Over Braids

Try this adorable hairstyle if your kiddo wants a unique spin on her regular braids. Divide her long hair into two equal sections and begin braiding a three-strand braid on one side without crossing its strands over each other, instead crossing them under. Continue this pattern until reaching the bottom of the braid before securing it with a hair tie; repeat on the other side for an adorable waterfall effect that would pair perfectly with casual summer attire.

Curling Braids

Curling braids is another fun way to give her braids an exciting update. Start by applying a generous amount of styling mousse to prevent heat damage before beginning the curling process. Next, divide her hair into thin sections and work each section using the curling iron into tight coils until all volume has been curled – gently uncurl them afterward with your fingers before gently combing out and blow-drying for an airbrushed effect.

Casual Buns

Your long-haired child has many adorable styles to explore! She can choose between a sleek bob or romantic Dutch braids to frame her face and keep the locks out of her eyes, or for something casual, try pigtail buns; perfect for sporting activities and outings with friends, these charming pinwheels work just as well with curly or wavy locks as straight locks!

Messy Updos for Special Events

Formal updos are essential when attending special events such as homecoming dances or prom. While sleek updos may always look chic, sometimes showing your girl’s unique personality through messy updos is better suited to making her stand out.

Quick and Elegant Up-do

A quick and elegant up-do for girls that is easily achievable in minimal time. Start by creating a ponytail at the crown of her head, then comb the rest of her hair into a low ponytail with extensions to achieve the desired volume. For an elegant finishing touch, wrap one side of the ponytail around itself and secure it with a decorative hair tie like Love In Tokyo hair ties; tuck its other end inside this wrapped ponytail before pinning it with bobby pins to secure it.

Braided Low Bun

For an extra romantic hairstyle for girls, try a braided low bun. Separate thick strands from both sides and tease them with your fingers to tease. Next, create a low ponytail and topsy-tail it a few times for added height and volume before gently tucking teased strands into her bun with bobby pins to secure it.

Cascading Curls Hairstyles

Cascading curls hairstyles for girls are another charming style inspired by Boho chic fashion and emo culture, and easily achievable for casual events or everyday use. Use a styling mousse to protect from heat-induced damage and thin sections from both halves of her hair to form loose curls arranged using a thin-tailed rat-tail comb tail. Arrange these into loose coils before finishing them with bobby pins and hairspray to prevent flyaways.