Cute Hairstyles For Fat Faces

There are a variety of incredible hairstyles for fat faces that will help reshape and slim your features. Choose a length that complements the shape of your face, layer your locks, or try face-framing bangs to soften cheekbones and slim your cheekbones down.

Curly Blunt Bobs

Curly blunt bobs look lovely on women with round faces, wildly when styled swept to one side. This look adds texture and volume, while helping elongate the chin area.

Feathered Pixie Cut

Feathered pixie cuts are some of the best short hairstyles for fat faces, offering plenty of options when styling and showing off natural texture. Slick back for a sleek look or wear with bangs for more feminine touches; add highlights for added volume and definition!

Fringe Hairstyles

Pixie cuts can easily be transformed into fringe hairstyles. This flattering hairstyle will frame your face perfectly and make it appear slimmer. Experiment with different kinds of fringe to see which works best for you.

Pixie Cut with Bangs

The length should be carefully considered if you plan on wearing your pixie cut with bangs. To elongate your face and create a more balanced look, short charges should remain fast enough not to hide your eyes or eyebrows from view. Pixie cuts with long layers will help balance out this style while emphasizing them and drawing attention to both eyebrows and looks for an aesthetic effect.

Side-Parted Bob

The side-parted bob is a timeless classic and simple to style. This medium-length style features long layers with texturized tips to frame the face while adding height. It is ideal for all hair types and colors alike, particularly those with frizzy or textured locks; it is especially recommended with blonde highlights that enhance natural texture. This style features long layers that create an eye-catching slimming effect for an ideal cut that complements casual and formal settings. Perfect for women with fuller cheekbones.

Sleek and Chic

This sexy hairstyle for fat faces is ideal for creating an alluring and mysterious appearance. This chic yet feminine style complements almost all face shapes, whether with or without bangs. To achieve it, simply slick back your locks into a deep side part, adding a dash of tousled texture for a more modern finish.

Long hair with Bangs

Long hair can be an aesthetically pleasing for most people, and adding bangs elevates its appeal even further. The length creates an instant face-framing effect, which is slimming. If your locks feature blonde highlights or streaks, long hair with bangs looks incredibly flattering. Add texturizing spray for sleek strands if your locks are naturally curly or wavy!

Choppy Fringe

If straight, blunt bangs are too overwhelming, consider opting for Camila Cabello’s more subtle look of choppy fringe. This style can be parted down the middle or brushed to either side to suit any mood or occasion – you decide which way you want it touched!

Brow-Grazing Look

Brigitte Bardot made her style famous with this signature style. This feminine, brow-grazing look works with most face shapes. Make sure that this look stays put by getting regular trims. Depending on the shade of your natural locks, this may even require dyeing!

Soft Curls

Soft curls are an elegant solution to haircuts for fat faces. Their classic appeal can instantly draw the eye away from more expansive areas of your face and make you appear slimmer, drawing attention away from the most comprehensive parts and making you appear smaller instantly. At the same time, this style works best with straight hair textures such as linear or wavy. To achieve this style, first apply heat protectant/texturizing spray, pick 1-inch sections of hair from roots-to-ends for curling, then finish them with strong-hold hairspray to keep curls intact all day!

Short Microbang Length

Curtain bangs tend not to suit those with rounder faces, but this short microbang length does. The longer side sweeps across your cheekbones and frames your features beautifully while concealing any extra padding or double chin that might exist on your face. Pair this look with a skin fade for the complete effect. A perfect casual hairstyle that works for any event!