Cute Hairstyles Easy to Do

Divide and Braid Pigtail Hairstyle

This one may be ideal for those seeking an appealing yet comfortable hairstyle. To achieve it:

– Divide your locks into two equal sections.

– Braid each section into a pigtail.

– Secure each pigtail with elastic at the crown.

This adorable medium hairstyle can easily be worn casually or dressed up for special events! It’s one of the easiest to achieve and takes just minutes!

Half-Up Braided Top Knot

This adorable hairstyle is ideal when you want your locks up and away from your face. It requires little upkeep or maintenance and goes excellent with various looks, from cute sweatsuits to tie-dye hoodies and oversized tees!

To achieve it:

– Take two sections from either side of your head.

– Braid thin fishtail braids with each section.

– Cross the braids and secure them with a hair tie.

This elegant hairstyle will undoubtedly impress at any formal event or wedding. Although it takes more effort than other cute, easy hairstyles, it’s worth making an effort for such an impressive appearance.

Exposed Bobby Pins

When appropriately executed, the exposed bobby pin trend can look fun and fashionable, creating a sophisticated yet playful style. To do it properly:

– Space out your pins to form an exciting design while functioning as holds for hair.

– Don a deep side part and apply several larger bobby pins arranged in an X shape with extras for added grip.

– This style works exceptionally well on wavy or curly locks.

Low Ponytail

Low ponytails with side braids exude romanticism and make an ideal hairstyle for special events. To achieve this stunning hairstyle:

– Pin one section of hair under another.

– Wrap and secure with bobby pins.

– Enhance the appeal by adding texture with ribbon or lacing strands.

Temporary Color

Try experimenting with cute temporary hair colors to add flare to your look! Temporary color can be achieved using sprays, chalks, crayons, tinted shampoos, conditioners, semi-permanent dyes, or even henna. It washes out with one or more washes of shampoo or conditioner.

– The intensity of the hue depends on the type of product used and your natural hue.

– Light blonde locks may take longer to wash out than darker locks.

– This is a fun and effective way to add vibrant hues without harming your healthy locks.

Double Pony

If you have long, wavy locks, a double ponytail is an effective way to show them off. To achieve it:

– Spray Fructis Curl Renew onto your locks to hydrate and boost their natural coils.

– Secure the top knot using a U-shaped hairpin at the crown.

– Add some extra cutesiness with oversized hair clips or by teasing the top section of your hair.

Hat Hairstyle

Hats are an indispensable winter wardrobe essential that complements virtually every hairstyle. If you have a blunt chin-length bob with bangs, you can sport an adorable beret hat by tilting it slightly and letting your fringe peek through!

– Casual looks call for pairing your hat with a low ponytail twisted to form a side braid hanging from behind your head.

– This adds some dramatic flair and is perfect for sporting events and baseball caps.