Cute Hairstyle Ideas For Everyday and Special Occasions

Cute hairstyle ideas that will bring charm and pleasure into your child’s day are endlessly adorable. This protective style can be done casually or with added glitz for special events. This effortless look requires only a few simple steps to complete. Begin with two Dutch braids pulled into low pigtails.

Wavy Short Bob

Wavy bob hairstyles are timeless classics that never go out of fashion. If your bob is shorter than shoulder length, add bangs for an adorable and feminine touch that frames your face and draws focus to your eyes. Be summer-ready by using volumizing shampoo or consulting with a stylist about adding baby lights for an eye-catching summer look! This chin-length wavy bob is full of texture and volume thanks to a deep side part and beach waves, while blonde balayage highlights add a vibrancy that complements narrow, long, and heart faces alike.

Messy Bun

This adorable hairstyle is ideal for casual days out with your friends. The braids and twisties add an exciting element that adds flair and is an alternative to the standard ponytail style. This chic, messy bun style is ideal for thin, medium-length hair. Perfect for any special event or party, this contemporary look pairs well with straight and wavy textures for a hot modern appeal that pairs well with most formal attire.

Formal Updo

Women with medium hair can try out this chic formal updo for parties or weddings with a ponytail with braids for an eye-catching yet timeless look. Perfect for women who wish to look glam while remaining stylish! An alternative option for formal updos is a loose, rounded bun. This style is easy to accomplish and works exceptionally well if your natural curls or waves have wild waves; add a headband braid for an added boho touch!

Braided Crown

Make yourself feel like royalty with this stunning crown braid style! Perfect for formal events, pair it with a string of flowers to complete this regal look. Start by creating a deep side part. Next, begin a Dutch braid by crossing the back strand over the middle strand; finish and pin it to the crown of the head; frame your face with some loose strands at the sides for added dimension and create this adorable style suitable for any special occasion.

Side Braid with Bangs

Your daughter deserves to feel special at school, birthday parties, or simply days filled with play! Spending extra time creating an adorable hairstyle will make her feel extra-special in any setting – school, parties, or simply days of the game! Add an updated touch to any classic ponytail with this side braid with bangs for an eye-catching style that looks beautiful with any hair color. It is both simple and elegant! Take on a bold color with this eye-catching braid. Ideal for special events, it features intricate weaves for maximum visual appeal. Plus, add an adorable bow for added flair!

Upside Down Braid with Feathers

This striking style combines a ladder braid combo with feather extensions for an eye-catching updo that can’t be missed. To achieve it, use Dove Refresh Care Volume