Cute Girl Hairstyles For School

Countless adorable girl hairstyles for school can give your daughter an attractive yet professional appearance while keeping her locks back. Some styles even add a charming flair when decorated with colorful hair bows!

Make ponytails more special.

Make ponytails more special at family gatherings or any time your child feels special by adding a crown dutch braid. This easy yet beautiful style takes only minutes and is perfect for family parties and any special event.

Long hair Braids

Long, thick hair offers many opportunities for cute girl hairstyles, and the right braid can add much to any style. One simple three-strand braid works wonders on both thin and thicker strands alike! Dutch braids can also be ideal for long and wide locks, offering more criss-cross action with four strands rather than three. It creates an eye-catching feminine style perfect for formal or casual events alike.

For an effortless casual look, there is the messy braid. This easy hairstyle keeps your locks out of your face for everyday events or girls-only sleepovers – pull your hair into a low ponytail and twist a small piece over an elastic band to hide it from view.

Fishtail Braids

Fishtail braids are an elegant way to elevate any look, and they look particularly striking at formal events. To achieve this style, start by tying your hair into a low ponytail, then take small sections from outside one unit and cross over onto another area in small steps until all sections have been struck over and braided into each other until the entire braid reaches the end of your locks. If desired, “pancake” the braid to give it increased thickness.

This style may appear complex, but it’s much simpler than you realize! Perfect for long hair and non-layered types. For this style, start by tying your hair into a high ponytail. Grab small sections of either left or right hair from either team and cross it over onto the opposite side until your braid reaches the base of your head. Secure with clear elastics and cut off any extra.

Flip Over Braids

Flip-over braids offer an unexpected edge. Braid each section until reaching the end of your locks, then flip one section over onto another using a clear elastic.

This protective style makes Janelle Monae’s signature crown braids easy to replicate. Start by creating a base pigtail and dividing each side into two smaller sections before adding them back in with your base pigtail and braiding using an over-under-over pattern.

Create thick and thin Ghana braids in an asymmetrical asymmetry pattern for an eye-catching effect. Once complete, spray with hairspray to maintain this look – or wrap a strand of hair around the elastic for an even more camouflaging effect!

Buns and Braids

Hairstyles for school can be daunting for your little girl with short or longer locks. Here are a few cute school hairstyles she should choose from! Encourage her to explore new looks while showing her individuality with creative heart side braids, an easy yet stylish hairdo that stands out.

Make pigtails more eye-catching by adding in a waterfall braid – it works particularly well on medium to long-length hair! For girls wanting something bolder, add a faux hawk for drama!

If she prefers braids, combining fishtail and zig-zag braids may be just what the doctor ordered. Leave out an inch from her regular fishtail before finishing it; weave any leftover strands into the braid for this unique style.