Cute Girl Hair Styles

Try one of these adorable girl hairstyles if a simple ponytail doesn’t do! For the full effect, many can be accessorized with fun hair accessories like flowers or bows.

Stunning Conch Braid

Try the stunning conch braid hairdo for a stylish yet effortless look without all the hassle of bobby pins! Add some elegant ribbons for added decoration.

Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braids are traditionally created on the back of your head, but this variation can be worn up against your face! Comb your hair over one side of your head and separate it into two sections. Cross a pencil-sized area from one half over into the other, weaving until you reach the end and secure with a hair tie. Spray with hair-setting spray for added effect!

(According to Mannino:

Use second or third-day hair for a better hold.

Add dry shampoo at the roots for more volume and texture.)

Twisted Bun

Low-twisted buns are timeless, suitable for any special occasion, and simple to create. They won’t come undone during physical activities or long days at school. Accessorize with hair accessories for an added flair!

(For best results, spray texturizing spray over damp hair before styling.)

Ribbon Braid Updo

A lovely braided updo can add an air of feminine sophistication. Pairing this hairstyle with ribbon accents adds even more dimension. Perfect for parties and special events.

(Experiment with flat twists and flower crowns for more complex styles.)

Rainbow Updo

This pastel rainbow hairstyle is ideal for girls looking to add vibrancy to their appearance. The light blue and pink tresses complement the face and make the shade stand out. Perfect for those not yet ready to embrace vibrant hues.

Rainbow-Colored Bob

This rainbow-colored bob is perfect for girls looking to add drama and dimension to their looks. The vibrant colors blend beautifully, and cute spiral curls frame the face, making it ideal for music festivals and outdoor events. The pink, purple, and light blue shades show her true character!