Cute Easy, Simple Hairstyles For Girls

Half-knot ponytail

If you’re searching for an effortless yet chic hairstyle, the half-knot ponytail may be your solution! This versatile yet timeless style suits any event – from school classes to formal affairs! To achieve it, start by applying some dry shampoo or sea salt spray for texture before parting your locks down the middle and French braiding each side (be sure to incorporate any bangs you may have!). Finally, tie off the tail.

Next, pull both front sections back into a small ponytail, loop it halfway through an elastic, and secure it using bobby pins before adding an elegant hair clip or headband to complete your style!

Double bun

Try double buns if you want a look with some extra character and flair. Double buns are Perfect for girls with short and long locks alike and add dimension and fashionably chic style.

Make this adorable, easy hairstyle by tying two low ponytails above your skull’s base, and then pinning them together using bobby pins. Ensure that both top buns are close together while keeping one farther from your head to avoid creating the Leaning Tower of Pisa effect.

Eris Baker inspired an unconventional but playful look when she braided her space buns – this look is ideal for an outdoor summer event with friends as it keeps bangs out of sight and keeps you looking polished!

French braid

French braids are iconic, and this timeless technique works beautifully on medium-length locks. Wavy or curly locks work, too; you can even add in colored string to create an eye-catching, colorful effect!

Add depth and detail to a traditional French braid by weaving in small sections of new hair each time you cross over an area. Beware of adding only a little coat at once as too much will weigh down, and lopsidedness of the braid will result.

This incredible French braid will put any fashionista’s dream to shame! Consisting of two side braids converged at the nape of your neck, this exquisite crown of beauty may require lots of pins, but is well worth your while.

Twisted pigtail

One of the most noticeable, easy, and stylish hairstyles for long hair is a twisted pigtail, perfect for adding flair to their look.

Divide your hair into two pigtails and twist each section toward your face for an effortless twisting technique. After finishing up this look, pin your twists up for an eye-catching finish!

If you want to add a special touch to this adorable style, add braids to each pigtail for added dimension and to keep twisted pigtails in place. This will complete your look!

Braided bun

If you are searching for an elegant hairstyle to go with your boho dress this summer, try this braided bun. Start by creating a high ponytail and two smaller braids around its base. Add two smaller braids with golden beads on them before pinning all of these twists together into a big bun at the crown of your head.

This look will have people staring and you stand out from the crowd – the best part: it only takes minutes to create!

The next look is another lovely braided style that would suit everyone, with thick braids that stand out and draw attention. This looks especially striking against ombre or balayage hair colors.