Cute Easy Hairstyles For Kids

With school back in session, mornings can become even busier for families preparing their kids to leave on time for class. But with these adorable and simple hairstyles for children, she will be prepared for her first day back! These looks suit any age and hair type, from classic ponytails to braids that combine girly and sporty elements; these looks are suitable for every age and style. Brush through her locks before adding texturizing spray for a tidy finish.

Braided Buns

For an adorable hairstyle that will keep your little girl’s locks out of her face, consider trying a simple braided bun. If she has curly locks, this style makes for a stunning photo-ready look perfect for family outings or special events – especially if adorned with an adorable bow in the center! Kids new to braids should try this effortless style, which looks good on any hair (wavy, straight, or curly). If you have more time, consider adding texturizing powder or dry shampoo before starting – gently pulling on each braid will widen and loosen it for an authentic appearance. If your kid loves Frozen, she will adore this simple yet fashionable crown braid look. Easy to create and feel confident while looking her best, this fun hairstyle can be worn on any special occasion!

Cascade Curls

Due to the morning rush, children’s hair routines often slip. With some planning and these cute yet easy hairstyles for children, however, you can give her the look she desires and confidently get her ready for school each morning! This adorable cascade style looks lovely on girls with long and short locks. To achieve it, brush her hair to eliminate knots before spraying a texturizing hairspray for texture. Next, create a high ponytail secured by elastic and tie a ribbon around its base before finishing it off with a bow for an adorable finish! If your daughter enjoys sports, this quick hairstyle is a perfect solution to keeping her locks out of her face while playing. It works beautifully with any hair texture but especially stands out when girls with curlier or wavy locks wear it.


An adorable updo can help keep your little girl’s hair out of her face and is easy to manage, perfect for type 4-haired toddlers and enhanced with a cute mini afro style for type 5-haired toddlers. Add a bow for an eye-catching touch. Alternatively, braiding long locks into an adorable fro-puff look is another versatile style that looks good with any outfit and requires little maintenance. If your daughter wants to channel Minnie Mouse, she can pull her strands back into twisted pigtails for a cute protective style that keeps strands out of her face while looking adorable – you could add decorative beads or ribbons for additional flair! Putting cornrows through this lovely faux hawk style can give her an appealing new look that adds color and charm. Create the adorable faux hawk by crossing two bobby pins diagonally in an X shape across her braids for extra flair!

Double Bun

A double bun is another adorable way to keep your child’s hair out of her face and more secure than a ponytail, perfect for keeping it off her face and off of her shoulders. Pair this style with an ornament such as a bow or flower, and you have an adorable style suitable for girls of any age with straight or wavy locks! This cute style is ideal for school photos and birthday parties. This look consists of double Dutch-braiding the back and crown of the head before tying any remaining strands into two adorable bow-inspired buns in front. Any child can easily pull this look off.

Picture Day Royalty

This adorable picture-day hairstyle is easy and suitable for all lengths of hair. Create several upside-down French braids, pull them into a small side ponytail, and top off with a bow – creating an adorable style sure to make any child feel like royalty on picture day!