Cute Dark Hair Colors For Brunettes

Even amid all the trendy rose golds, grays, and rainbow hues sweeping Instagram these days, classic brown still looks stunning – so if you’re a brunette looking to switch things up, check out these cool dark hair colors!

Cool Ash Brown

Cool ash brown is a fantastic hair color choice for people with dark skin as it strikes an elegant balance between warm and neutral tones. This lovely mushroom-brown hue looks chic and sophisticated.

Black Cherry

Black cherry hair is a rich and sophisticated hue for ladies looking for seduction, mystery, and allure. Combining dark purple with red tones produces this glamorous shade that will turn heads wherever they go. Your colorist will mix burgundy, magenta, violet, and black for this classic black cherry hue. It complements both straight and curly locks.

Adding Pink Accents

If you want an eye-catching accent of pink in your black cherry hairstyle, ask your stylist to add subtle highlights of pink hue. This way, your playful side can shine without overpowering your cut with too much color.

Dark Auburn

Auburn hair color adds an exciting and dramatic flair to brown locks, creating an eye-catching combination of red and brown that works beautifully on light and dark skin tones. To preserve this stunning hue, make sure to use sulfate-free shampoo.

Auburn Balayage with Brown Lowlights

Put on this red balayage with brown lowlights to add dimension and depth to your look. The dark brown base will perfectly combine with light red highlights for an eye-catching combination that creates soft sizes in curly and wavy hair types.

Merlot-Inspired Colors

Merlot-inspired colors are ideal for brunettes looking to update their appearance without going full red. The hint of wine in the color makes it suitable for professional settings, while the dark brown shade compliments most medium skin tones. It also offers extra shine for long-haired individuals.


Eggplant has emerged as one of the trendiest dark hair colors for 2019. Its cool-toned purple hue appears less vivid than other vibrant purples, making it an excellent option for brunettes looking to add drama without going too deep.

Extending Wear with Highlights or Balayage

Like other fashion colors, eggplant fades more quickly than natural hair colors. To extend the wear, add highlights or balayage for a longer-lasting color. Dark violet tones blend effortlessly into naturally dark blonde or black strands, while an eggplant ombre offers more drama. Blondes may require assistance from their stylist for success with subtle transitions between shades, while brunettes typically manage it independently with minimal support from stylists.


Honey is an alluring dark hair color that exudes warmth, perfect for all types of locks but incredibly gorgeous on straight locks. Achieve an attractive honey hue at home by using dark brown box dye. Alternatively, opt for a sun-kissed honey-blonde shade for a subtle change without an intensive makeover.

Face-Framing Caramel Highlights

Face-framing caramel highlights can look quite striking on dark hair. A skilled stylist can apply twilight highlights for a warm and soft effect.


Mocha is an exquisite hair color ideal for brunettes. Combining dark brown and light caramel hues, mocha adds warmth and sophistication. Highlights can further elevate its elegance.

Flattering Shades for Different Complexions

To find flattering shades that complement your skin tone, consider blonde, platinum, and ash tones for darker complexions, while bronze, copper, or toffee hues are perfect for medium-toned faces.

Lighter Mocha Shades

Opt for lighter mocha shades such as hazelnut for a more subdued approach. This hue is perfect for warm-toned complexions and looks especially beautiful on curly or wavy locks.