Cute But Easy Hairstyles For Back to School

Back-to-school season requires transitioning your look from summery beach waves to something more formal for class, without losing the fun factor. To ease this transition, try one of these cute but simple hairstyles!

Center Part Dutch Braids

Starting with a center part and using Dutch braids to style each side of the head, add extra sexiness by making one longer and switching it between twists for maximum effect.

Half Up Half Down with Two Topsy Tails

If you need to look put together quickly but are in a rush, this half-up, half-down hairstyle may be the thing for you. Easy to style and looking lovely, it has an air of chic about it while being quick and effortless to manage. Plus, it adds more volume than standard ponytails with its more voluminous appearance and decorative finishes; it also works great when combined with hair decorations! To achieve this look, start by creating a high ponytail. Separate two pieces from your outer perimeters of hair and form two topsy tails on both sides of your head; tie these tails together until reaching the base of your neck. For an effortless yet impressive style, mist your locks with medium to firm hold hairspray to secure their position all day.

Ultra-Loose Waves

If you have been keeping up with TikTok trends, you have seen this stunning beach waves hack – one that doesn’t only work on those with fuller locks but can even work for medium-length locks! It is truly one of the easiest yet chicest hairstyles. To achieve this style, use a curl-defining product to achieve loose and tousled waves. Next, section off a small area of hair and cross it over on itself until forming a half knot; continue until reaching the end of your locks and tie it with an elastic. If you want your space buns to appear even fuller, tease their strands for added volume before spraying them with hairspray for added hold.

Twisted Low Bun

A twisted low bun is an effortless formal hairstyle to master with just one hair elastic. Secure a low ponytail, twisting it to create a knot and pinning it to keep it in place. Or leave some loose strands down and tease them for additional volume before tease-teasing them for increased volume with some flowers or pearl pins to make this style even more elegant! This elegant bun is ideal for brides, bridesmaids, or anyone seeking to look fabulous for any special event. To achieve it with straight hair, try creating a simple low bun with a twist and secure it with some bobby pins; add braids or side tendrils for visual interest if desired.

Half-Knotted Hairstyle

Knotted hair may seem unruly to some in the beauty world, but its exaggerated kinks make this look far from sloppy. Perfect for long to medium-length locks, this cute but easy hairstyle requires only detangling and teasing of waves before weaving a waterfall braid from one side of your head to the crown area and pinning this braid to your bouffant for an eye-catching, girly style! This style is ideal for beachy getaways and highlights face-framing bangs. To keep them in place, spray TONI