Cute 8-Year-Old Hairstyles

Side Ponytail

Cute pigtails give your child an adorable charm. Try this daring style that is easy to carry and pairs beautifully with a decorative hair clip!

Work your daughter’s strands into cascading curls before pinning some front strands back with an adorable hairpin for an eye-catching finish.

Side Fringe Ponytail

When your teen wants to look fresh and flirty, she cannot go wrong with a side ponytail.

Channel Elsa from Disney’s Frozen to create an elegant braided style that drapes gracefully down her shoulder.

French Braid Ponytail

For an elegant, yet dramatic look, try a French Braid Ponytail.

Divide your kid’s hair into two equal sections and work the upper one into a French braid before tying it into a ponytail – it’s simple yet elegant!

Mini Braids

This darling hairdo takes small braids in an unexpected direction for an adorable style perfect for formal events or school.

Skai Jackson of Disney fame can be seen sporting two Dutch braids pulled into low pigtails, an easy and stunning hairstyle to replicate for your daughter.

Braided Buns

If your little girl prefers formal occasions, try braiding her hair into two cute buns for an elegant and traditional style.

Note: Braids are integral to many adorable 8-year-old hairstyles, like this one with its lovely braided heart-shaped ponytail. Achieving this look requires precise parting and tight braids – two elements essential to this look!