Choosing a Style When You Cut hair Short

Cutting it short can be seen as a profound shift, symbolic of leaving a relationship, starting a new career, or dealing with significant life events. Many facial structures benefit from having a pixie cut, so don’t be intimidated to go short! Follow these tips for creating the ideal short haircut look.

Choosing a Style

Choosing a style when cutting short your hair can be challenging. Consider how much time and energy you want to devote to styling it and which look will best complement your facial structure and hair texture. There are many stylish short styles to choose from. Additionally, professional stylists will gladly provide consultation and advice about styling your new cut. Women contemplating getting their first short haircut may feel uncertain about its outcome. They worry that it won’t suit them or will be challenging to maintain, while miscommunication between themselves and their stylist could result in costly mistakes. Luckily, there are numerous tips available to ensure a seamless experience during an appointment; here are just a few:

Getting it Cut

Getting comfortable with its new style is essential in cutting hair short. Looking at photos of flattering short haircuts before your appointment may help ease anxiety; try searching for images with similar fashions to match up with the shape of your face for added reassurance. Make an appointment during the warmer months to avoid changing your hairstyle for winter – mainly if your natural coils make this difficult! Aiming for this deadline may give more time to get used to straighter styles with shorter lengths of locks.

An effective short hairstyle can be an incredible confidence booster. Many individuals report feeling more secure in themselves when sporting shorter locks. But it is essential to keep in mind that there may be drawbacks to having short locks, including regular trims and increased maintenance requirements.

Getting it Styled

After getting a new haircut, adapting to styling it differently can take time. But you don’t have to sacrifice style; simple techniques such as adding trending hair accessories or playing with texture are great ways of amplifying the impact of your new cut. If you want to add variety to your short ‘do, layering long or short layers throughout your pixie or bob. This adds volume when worn wavy. Or opt for a middle or side part to switch up your style!

For an updated twist on cropped bangs, ask your stylist to add stacked layers that frame your face beautifully in your bob cut. This look is highly on-trend and extremely flattering. Additionally, it helps conceal flat spots in the back of the head by using razor graduation and soft interior layers to give the nape area more fullness.