Personalized Hair Care Brands

Personalized hair care brands offer customized shampoos and conditioners based on your hair goals. They use detailed quizzes to assess factors like hair type, styling habits, and lifestyle, recommending products tailored to your needs.


Formulate stands out by using gentle cleansing ingredients that balance your scalp’s oil production levels. This prevents overcompensation and greasy hair. The product also allows for customizing scent and hair goals, minimizing waste, and saving money. Formulate offers a user-friendly website and a wide selection of products made from natural or safe synthetic ingredients.


Prose offers personalized hair care products through an extensive quiz that considers your goals, frequency of use, and climate. They even consider your area’s specific climate based on your zip code. Prose also provides customized brushes for different hair types and textures, using natural and ethically-sourced ingredients. They prioritize hair health and the environment.


eSalon brings salon-quality hair care to your home. Their custom hair color sets are tailored to your shade and texture. They also offer a range of products safe for colored hair, free from harmful ingredients. eSalon focuses on personalization and retention, offering discounts and flexible delivery options.


Aura is a brand that values beauty in all its forms, including nature and people. They promote confidence through their products and target the mind and body healing. Aura offers digital frames to share favorite memories with loved ones.