Current Hairstyles For Men

A slick back haircut makes a striking and professional impression yet is versatile enough for personalization to suit various tastes and needs. Easy to achieve and maintain, comb down and use a product with hold.

The Modern Mullet

The modern mullet is an eye-catching and versatile haircut featuring short sides with longer top layers that can be combed back for a sleek and timeless style or styled over into a side-part hairstyle for maximum versatility.

Buzz Cut

For men looking for an elegant and sophisticated style, a buzz cut is an ideal way to achieve it. Achieved using different-sized clippers, this classic men’s haircut creates even amounts with its design complemented by beard or mustache growth. Ask your barber to add an individualized plan with clippers; whether zig-zagging, lines, or diamonds will help ensure your locks stand out in any crowd. This style is ideal for men with receding hairlines, as it creates a softened contrast between your forehead and the rest of the head. Furthermore, its easy maintenance makes this an excellent option when trying out different looks; simply slick back or brush forward for more relaxed styling options. Plus, it’s gentle on sensitive skin.

Ivy League

Men with long hair may want to try the Ivy League cut as an ideal casual style option. This style uses the basics of a classic crew cut but leaves more hair on top for an informal, laid-back vibe. Additionally, beards add texture and give an authentic ruggedness. Ivy League style is a reasonable and adaptable look suitable for men of any age and profession, from white-collared jobs to military service members and beyond. It can easily be maintained with either a beard or clean-shaven facial features. This trendy haircut is an excellent solution for men with widow’s peak, as it helps cover it. Additionally, sweeping it laterally and adding some hair gel can further enhance its style.

Comb Over

The comb-over is an iconic look that’s recently become trendy again, featuring top hair pulled back into a ponytail. At the same time, sides are cut short or faded for an eye-catching style that flatters most men and can be worn straight, curly, wavy, or curly. Balding men may find the comb over an ideal way to conceal areas where their head hair thins over time.


The pompadour is a contemporary take on vintage styles, popular among celebrities like Justin Bieber. This hairdo entails combing long strands up high before smoothing them back.


The quiff is an innovative combination of pompadour and mohawk styles that provides a stylish edge. Perfect for men looking to look their best with any ensemble, this cut can pair nicely with beards or mustaches and looks fantastic in any setting.

Long Curls with a Low Fade

Long curly hair can be challenging to manage, yet beautiful and powerful. A low fade haircut is one way to keep this style neat – this will allow for easier tucking of sides behind ears and keeps the locks out of the way – It is also great if you want to highlight natural texture!

Spiky Mohawk with Fade

A spiky mohawk with fade is another fantastic style choice for long-haired individuals, combining all of the classic elements of a mohawk with modernism that can be tailored to fit your personal taste and professional needs.

Temple Fades

Temple Fades are similar to taper fades but start at the top of your head rather than around your ears and make an excellent option for men with longer hair who wish to sport either beards or no beards. This type of haircut can make a strong statement while remaining discreet.


A buzz cut fade is a timeless style, made even more eye-catching by pairing it with a beard. A favorite among athletes, this look can also help make their hairstyle more masculine; according to one study, bearded men were seen as more aggressive and intimidating than those without.

Quiff Haircut

A stylish quiff haircut will undoubtedly be popular this year. A unique fusion between flattop and pompadour styles, this cut features a hard part to add extra definition and texture for added visual appeal.

Man Buns

Man buns are another fantastic hairstyle choice for those with longer locks. Easy and versatile, they pair nicely with any facial hair.