Current Boys Haircuts

Eye-Catching Shaved Design

Rather than cutting his long locks, consider creating an eye-catching shaved design on his sides with scissors. This will add flair while still complying with school dress codes.

Caesar Haircuts

Caesar haircuts offer an excellent alternative for boys with long locks, providing a way to tame curls while creating a balanced texture and looking fantastic with side fringes.

Undercut with a Hard Part

Parents often struggle to find an acceptable balance between dapper style and school uniform requirements for boys’ haircuts. With some creativity, however, fashion-conscious children who love showing off their individuality may be able to express themselves more fully in this area. If your kid wants a bold style change, try an undercut with a tricky part. It is ideal for formal events and allows him to show off their style.

Comb Over with Taper Fade

Boys looking for an easy and dapper hairstyle often opt for the comb-over with taper fade. This stylish choice works well on all types of hair.

Spiky Hairstyle

If your kid has medium-length hair and enjoys adding an eccentric element to their style, consider giving them this fun, spiky style. Perfect for boys who need just a hint of extra flair without overdoing it! Add some light hair gel for more stylishness.

Burst Fade Mohawk Haircuts

Burst fade mohawk haircuts for boys can add an exciting and contemporary flair. Easy to achieve at home using professional products, this hairstyle looks great for any special occasion and compliments various clothing.

Crew Cut

The crew cut is a timeless style choice that looks fashionable and professional on boys of any hair type while still being simple. Perfect for morning rush-hour commuters or busy dads with little time to groom their hair!

Modern Crew Cut

This modern take on a classic crew cut features a high skin fade and an angular fringe for added visual interest. The more extended top section has texture and layers for definition and can even be styled by applying gel or wax for extra lift.

Mohawk with a Skin Fade

Mohawks with skin fades are popular hairstyles for young boys. Easy to maintain and stylish enough for any gel or pomade, the top hair can be brushed back into place or styled into messy spikes for added flair. A messy top hairstyle can also be achieved using any twist styling product!

Taper Fade Haircuts

Taper fade haircuts can be ideal for boys with thin to medium-thick locks. Low maintenance requirements ensure this look remains stylish while complementing most face shapes, including lengthening round faces and softening square ones.

Short Textured Bangs

Boys looking for more stylish and modern looks can opt for one of many textured hairstyles. These styles feature short sides with long tops to create a striking, balanced appearance. Easy to style and manageable without much pomade use required – brush back or slick it back for an appealing, polished finish!

Faux Hawk Fade with Shaved Side Design

A faux hawk fade with a shaved side design is an alternative style that looks both cool and masculine. This trendy hairstyle works great for school dances or special events such as prom, while longer locks can easily be brushed back to create an informal fringe effect.

Messy Hairstyle

Boys with curly locks can achieve a stylish appearance by opting for messy hairstyles that emphasize the volume of their curls. This easy-care look works well with multiple outfits.

Long Wavy Hair

Long wavy hair can be styled either messy for an edgy appearance or pulled back to form a quiff for a more elegant feel. This style works exceptionally well on those with thick locks reaching to their shoulders and can add an air of sophistication to even casual attire. When creating a messy hairstyle, it is vital to use appropriate products, such as IGK Broken Dreams texture paste, to ensure that strands don’t become oily. Try it now to achieve the ideal style!

Fringe Hairstyles

Boys often opt for fringe hairstyles because it adds an elegant and classic style. Pairing it with a side part looks fantastic, and styling it requires only minimal product. Fringes can be styled slick back or left loose and textured depending on the desired look; shape it into an arc or leave it unstructured to follow facial contours. This style is ideal for school because of its versatility; you can wear it in many different ways, pairing it with fades, taper cuts, or undercuts for added effect. Curlier-haired individuals may benefit from adding layers for increased volume while this cut showcases their natural texture.