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Curly wavy styles for men look sleek, cool, and stylish. These style options are great for formal occasions, such as a dinner date. They feature a longer top and tapered sides that keep the style from appearing shaggy. The strands are not entangled and don’t form an undercut. However, if you’d like a more dramatic style, consider a short mullet.

Curly wavy styles for men aren’t easy to achieve, but it’s definitely attainable. These styles will make you stand out among the crowd. Using the proper styling products will help you create a mane that is both masculine and stylish. The following tips will help you achieve the best possible curls. Firstly, invest in some quality styling products. This will improve the texture and strength of your locks. In addition, you can experiment with a different style each time you change your look.

Wavy men’s styles can add a fun, 80s vibe to any outfit. These haircuts often feature one side part, and some hairspray to hold the top in place. Curls were all the rage in 2013, but you’ll still find plenty of guys with these styles. Nick Jonas even sported a version that resembled them. But the 2013 trend has been beaten – the teen heartthrob has gone bald.

How to Create Curly Styles For Men


If you’re trying to create an appealing style for a man with wavy hair, the best way to achieve the look is to use the right product. A volumizing spray, glossy pomade, or styling paste will help your wavy mane achieve maximum volume and oomph. To keep the waves and curls defined, try applying an anti-frizz serum. And don’t forget to style it with a comb to avoid frizz.