How to Style Curly Hair at Night

Curly hair Types

– Curly hair comes in various textures, from loose ringlets to corkscrews.

– To identify your specific curl type, examine wet strands of your hair.

– If your strands form an elliptical shape, you have curly locks.

– Wavy hair tends to have looser waves that require additional shaping.

Styling Wavy Hair

– Women with wavy hair have soft, beautiful waves.

– Wavy hair falls under Curly Hair Type 2.

– Wavy locks may have waves at specific lengths, requiring different styling methods than curly locks.

– Consider altering the CG Method for wavy hair types.

– Wavy locks tend to be less coarse and can handle more manipulation.

– Apply styling products to wet strands to define and elongate them.

The hair plopping technique helps keep loose curls in place during drying.

Clarify Your Hair

– Wavy hair features an undulating surface pattern for a softer appearance.

– Regular clarifying shampooing is vital to keep wavy hair light and airy.

– Clarifying shampoo removes sebum, product buildup, and residue.

– Look for a clarifying shampoo without stripping your strands.

– Use a clarifying shampoo a few times every week.

– Opt for a volumizing mousse if you have wavy curls.

Define Your Waves

– Moisturize wavy hair to keep curls together and prevent frizz.

– Incorporate leave-in conditioner into your routine.

– Gisou Honey Infused Leave-In Conditioner hydrates wavy locks and decreases breakage.

– Consider trimming to reawaken your natural waves and make them easier to style.

– Avoid brushing and combing; use fingers instead.

Keep Your Waves Overnight

– An effective nighttime hair routine is essential to preserve your curls.

– Various solutions can help keep wavy hair voluminous while you sleep.

– Consider braiding, using a puff cuff, or other heatless methods.

– Apply lightweight hair oil before taking down overnight styles to protect against frizz and dryness.

Apply Styling Products

– Use curl-defining cream with sunflower seed or jojoba oil to define curls and prevent frizz.

– Leave-in conditioner hydrates wavy hair without weighing it down.

– Clarify regularly to remove product buildup.

– Air drying or diffusing will make your waves bouncy and textured.