Curly Short Hair Styles for Girls with Tight Curls

Allow your natural curls to take center stage with a soft nape-length wavy bob. Enhance it further with subtle caramel highlights for an exquisite, beachy style.

Pixie Cut

This cute pixie cut featuring curly side-swept bangs will beautifully showcase your natural hair texture. This asymmetrical style lets you style it back for formal events or pull it forward for casual hangouts with friends.

This adorable pixie cut is one of the cutest curly short hairstyles for girls with tight, bouncy coils. Ask your stylist to cut it longer in front and style it with wispy bangs that fall gently over one eye for a romantic and girlish vibe – creating a lovely feminine style that will surely turn heads at every red carpet event!

For an irreverent style, opt for a curly pixie cut with thick, choppy layers to exude a carefree attitude and show some perspective! Additionally, have your stylist add subtle highlights for added texture to blonde hair.

Samira Wiley’s Pixie Cut

Samira Wiley is one of many curly short-haired girls proving that this style works for all facial structures. Her easy-care spiky, layered pixie highlights her striking jawline and beautiful eyes while being effortless to style. Paired with chic yet minimal clothing choices, she exudes sophisticated yet seductive allure.

Tousled Beach Wave

Beach waves are an ideal style to incorporate into curly hair because they appear natural yet full without looking untidy or unintentionally messy. Pixie cuts or bob haircuts significantly benefit from this look as it shows off the movement of your waves, but beachy strands work equally well on women with longer, fuller cuts.

CurlNamedLauren’s Bathrobe hair Hacks

Have you been on Instagram or TikTok lately? Chances are, you have witnessed CurlNamedLauren’s stunning bathrobe hair hacks for gorgeous, loose, and wavy curls. Her method entails using flat irons (no wand is necessary!). First, she flat irons her locks; then, piece by piece, she rolls the flat iron forward and backward to create a crimped effect before misting it with texturizing spray to complete the process!

Straight Beach Wave Look

If you want a straight beach wave look, generously apply heat protection and begin with a new blowout. Next, choose individual sections to curl while wrapping away from your face for maximum impact.

Wavy Bob with Bangs

Wavy bobs with bangs offer an exciting way to experiment with your hair. From leaving loose curls or taming them with a comb, angled or stacked, this style provides endless versatility. Wavy bobs work equally well as feminine or tomboyish looks depending on which hue is chosen, our favorite being this warm-toned balayage that creates contrast while still looking great on tanned skin while being subtle enough not to look stark against full-on blonde!

Elegant and Polished Wavy Bob

Choose a soothing cream that won’t weigh down your locks for an elegant and polished version of this look. Pravana Model Behavior is an excellent product to help maintain glossy locks without adding unnecessary weight. A wavy bob works exceptionally well on heart- and oval-shaped faces but also for narrower and long faces; try styling it with side-swept or center parts for best results.

Modern Bob

The Modern Bob is ideal for curly short hair because it allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds. A chin-grazing bob that curves under, this cut can be styled either using straighteners for a sleek appearance or left unattended with some hair oil spritzed onto it to produce naturally tousled curls – finished off by adding a side part; this look epitomizes cool girl chic.

Formal Modern Bob

For a slightly formal take on the modern bob, opt for a swept-back style featuring face-framing layers at the nape of the neck. This short style makes styling simpler each morning since drying times are faster compared to longer types. Add warm copper tone locks to maximize this style’s potential – it will bring out your ringlets while emphasizing jawlines! It’s an ideal option for women with naturally brown or blonde tresses!