How to Style Curly Short Hair Like a Black Girl

Short and Wavy Textured Bob Cut

– Black girls can style their naturally curly locks in various ways, including simple ponytails and fohawks.

– Try the short and wavy textured bob cut for a simple yet stylish and low-maintenance option.

– This bob cut adds feminine charm and can make you stand out with its tapered silhouette and full bangs.

– Light brown hues can bring out your natural pigmentation and enhance the lovely look of this style.

Fashionable Blond Cap Style

– Consider trying the fashionable blond cap style if you have long, curly hair.

– This style involves dyeing only the top part a light color and leaving the rest natural, while long bangs complement the look.

– Blond cap highlights can add warmth and shine to black curly hair, but must be applied carefully considering skin tone and desired intensity.

A-Line Bob

– The A-line bob remains fashionable and flattering for black women with curly locks.

– This timeless look frames the face beautifully and requires minimal upkeep and styling time.

– Choppy ends add texture and personality to the A-line bob, especially when paired with balayage coloring techniques.

– To maintain the health of bleached locks, remember to use a moisturizing conditioner.

Long Bangs

– Bangs can add an edgy charm to any hairstyle, and there are various styles.

– TryTry long, full bangs on flowing blonde hair for an edgy retro look for an edgy retro look.

– This style works well for making a statement without going overboard and complements women with oblong or high foreheads.

High Bangs

– Opt for a short haircut with wispy bangs to showcase the natural beauty of curly hair.

– A curly pixie with a long fringe and warm, coppery red tones can be feminine and cute.

– This versatile and eye-catching hairstyle can be further enhanced with warm highlights for vibrancy.


– Pixie hairstyles can be chic, edgy, soft, and feminine all at once.

– A pixie with long, wispy layers and a side part can give off an edge while remaining feminine, particularly when styled in a gorgeous ice-blonde color.

– Adding a cascade of short strands around the face can add depth and variety to the pixie style.

Short Undercut

– Short undercuts are a daring style that emphasizes natural curls.

– This neck-length cut combines crochet tresses with bleach-blonde strands, creating an unforgettable look.

– The asymmetrical hair highlights add an eye-catching artistic aesthetic, complementing colored eyeshadow or lipstick.


– The fohawk style is a contemporary take on the mohawk haircut, suitable for all hair types and facial structures.

– This style involves closely shaved sides and back, with longer hair on top, especially noticeable when dyed.

– It is ideal for individuals with triangular-shaped faces and those who wish to add character and depth to their appearance.

– To achieve this look, visit a barber for a fade or use quality hair products like sea salt spray or wax for texture and volume.