Mens Hairstyles 2020 For Curly Hair

1. Asymmetrical Fringe

Even curly locks can wear the asymmetrical fringe look with style! Your stylist can add layers for a more extended volume on one side or create an icy effect with short balayage highlights for added frosted products. Rihanna, Ashley Olsen, and Kiernan Shipka have shown that asymmetrical pixie cuts are perfect in fashion.

2. Taper Fade

A taper fade is a timeless men’s hairstyle that complements curly locks perfectly, as its short sides create a striking visual contrast to the coils on top. Additionally, this look requires minimal styling time or maintenance to look its best.

3. Pompadour

If you love the look of a pompadour but don’t want the hassle, try this disconnected version instead. While the top is still brushed up, its sides have been cut shorter with size one clippers for a more subdued rock’n’roll feel.

4. Undercut with Ringlets

For an innovative rockstar-inspired twist on curly hair, go for a shoulder-length shag cut that emphasizes your curls. Combine it with a fade to achieve a look that balances formality and grunge.

5. Asymmetric Curls

Curly hair isn’t just an unwelcome burden; its beautiful natural texture adds flair to any haircut you wear. Even short coils can still look stylish when styled with some asymmetry for added drama that won’t look like too much of a pixie cut or bob.