How to Style Curly Mens Hairstyles 2020

Curly-haired men make a striking visual statement.

From Game of Thrones’ Kit Harington and Lost’s Hugo Hurley to those wearing parted coils like those seen here, curls look fantastic when styled correctly.

Managing Curly Hair

Curly hair can be easily managed using the appropriate haircut and styling products, like moisturizing hair cream or pomade. Achieve sleek and defined styles by applying these moisturizing products regularly.

Slicked-Back Curls

Curly hair can be challenging to keep under control, but for an effortless style that is simple to manage, try slicking back your curls. This style looks great when worn with either a faded haircut or a complex part style – whatever suits your personal taste best!

Thin Curls with Blonde Highlights

Thin curls with equal length and texture stand out in an eye-catching way, and the blonde highlights add extra finesse and flair to this style. Growing out your hair can be a significant commitment, taking time and effort. But if you’re willing to do the extra work, this rugged style could be worth it! To achieve this look, consult a barber and request a low taper fade, then slice back the top half of your hair while leaving behind loose coils to frame your face. Use hairspray if necessary to help your curls remain intact.

Low Taper Fade

Low taper fades are an excellent style choice for curly locks, providing structure without overshadowing their curls. A low taper fade can be ideal for formal occasions as its small curls form almost an afro shape, while short sides give it a masculine vibe. Another great way to rock a low taper fade with an elegant and refined appearance is with a tricky part. A taper fade creates an unbroken line between your hair and beard or stubble, giving the style its sophisticated yet elegant aesthetic. This look works particularly well on people with more voluminous or harder-to-manage wavy or curly locks, which require additional volume when styling them back.

The Lob

The lob is ideal for those with long locks looking for an easy yet fashionable style without spending hours styling their strands. Typically just touching or slightly longer than shoulders, this haircut often incorporates layers cut into its structure for volume and texture. If your hair is naturally curly, try styling it into a shaggy lob with loose coils for an effortless yet polished look. Frizz can easily be controlled using curl-defining cream or anti-frizz serum; apply some before styling! Take your lob one step further by adding some edge with an angled bob. This longer length gives more room to experiment with your locks while adding dimension and dimension to the silhouette of your face. Dua Lipa rocks an effortless beach-wavy lob, complete with lots of volume. Or for something more classic yet sophisticated, try Game of Thrones actress Viola Davis’ sleek, long bob with a center part.


Afro hairstyles are an excellent way to embrace natural coils and exude confidence in every look. A professional barber can add modern flair by upgrading a classic round afro with today’s burst fade for added edge and character – perfect for men who want to stand out and express their individuality through style! Another effective option is a short afro with a high fade. This style keeps the top layer of hair at medium length while gradually transitioning it to low or skin fade fades on both the sides and back for an eye-catching contrast that complements any outfit perfectly. Short afros with cornrows are an elegant yet stylish style for black men who favor refined looks. Easy to maintain and suitable for any special event or celebration, they also also work great for formal events! For added macho appeal, consider pairing this hairstyle with a shaved side beard and mustache options to complete the look.