Braided Hairstyles For Women With Curly Loose Hair

Curly hair can be stunningly beautiful but is often challenging to manage. Special styling techniques and products must be used to keep its shape and combat frizz effectively. This article provides helpful hints and techniques on achieving gorgeous, long-term curls using methods such as the straw method, detangling, plopping, and spraying.


Braided hairstyles are an excellent solution for women with thick, curly locks who wish to protect them from heat styling while looking gorgeous at the same time. Plus, it requires minimal upkeep – ideal for summer weather when voluminous curls may prove troublesome! Here are some beautiful braid ideas for curly, loose hair:


When you open social media, your feed is filled with wash-and-go techniques, protective styling trends, and curl-enhancing hair products promising frizz-free locks with defined, bouncy waves. One approach which has become increasingly popular is “plopping.” This method involves placing wet hair in a t-shirt or microfiber towel and letting it dry in an enclosed ball of fabric, to increase definition and minimize frizz. It’s an ideal alternative to twisting it, which may stretch out curls or cause friction that leads to frizz. Emilio recommends plopping for 20 minutes after washing, although some curlies sleep in their plops overnight. Cotton or microfiber t-shirts work best; avoid terry cloth towels, which can cause frizz. Ideally, a short-sleeved old tee works best, but any length is suitable if it isn’t too tight.

Hot Tools

No matter your hair texture – tightly coiling spirals or soft beach waves – having the appropriate tool can help you achieve the look you’re going for while maintaining healthy and beautiful curls. Hot Tools’ Curling Wand was designed to make creating perfect circles easy for beginners. With its straightforward design and large cool-tip surface that helps prevent you from burning your hands during styling sessions and temperature controls enabling you to find the ideal setting for your hair type, this tool makes curling effortless for even novice stylists. Its multiple barrel sizes allow it to quickly create various styles, from loose beach waves to tight ringlets. It boasts an intelligent feature that beeps when your curl is ready to release, helping prevent heat damage or overheating your strands. Plus, its many sizes and colors make this stylish tool an elegant addition to your beauty arsenal; it even comes with a free heatproof glove and storage box!