Top 5 Curly Hairstyles 2020

Layered Cut for Natural Curls

Bring out the best in your natural curls with this casual layered cut! A light fade reveals tendrils that frame the face and slim the jawline, while sun-kissed highlights define loose coils for a more defined look.

Messy Medium Cut with Bangs

Messy hairstyles look fantastic on medium-length strands in an authentic and natural style. Half-up messy mid-length styles add tons of volume while being chic and feminine simultaneously – it’s also a great way to give thicker locks some movement! Create an inviting look with a long, messy fringe you can pin back or let fall naturally for a classic and romantic style. Add some edge by including long, wavy eyebrow-grazing bangs for visual interest and depth.

Soft Curls for Long Faces

Curls are a fantastic way to add volume, shape, and texture to long hair. Additionally, when styled correctly, they can help balance out long faces by providing some width around the chin area and balancing out the length of the strands. This layered bob with a deep side part and bangs is one of the best curly hairstyles for long faces, as it flatters a variety of facial structures. To add even more charm, add some balayage highlights to define loose tendrils bouncing across your face – this will also accentuate the contours of your cheekbones and bring out those beautiful eyes!

Short Curly Haircuts

Short curly hairstyles offer many choices. One great choice for medium curls is to opt for a layered pixie with a side undercut; this style gives them fuller coils without becoming spiky. Another excellent choice for curly locks is a shag haircut. This cut features numerous layers to add volume and texture, while its choppy surface perfectly complements the curls’ shape and movement. If you want a dramatic new style, add a splash of color to your short circles for an eye-catching new look.

Shag Haircut

Women with curly hair often benefit from having the shag cut, as its layers will help create a customized style that looks natural and blends in nicely. A good stylist will adjust layer placement according to each person’s texture for a great and natural result. Wavy locks look beautiful with a medium shag haircut, and blonde highlights will add dimension. Aspiring Zooey Deschanel fans should try this wavy, center-parted shag style for maximum Zooey Deschanel vibes. Add some flare with this layered hairdo by opting for a stunning balayage hue such as sandy blonde.