5 Feminine Updos For Curly Hair

Swirly Bun Updo

Setting curly hair requires gentle handling and the use of quality styling products. Start by moisturizing and detangling your curls, then finish with a light-hold hairspray for shine and frizz control. This feminine bun updo is perfect for brides-to-be or girls with medium-length hair. Complete the look with a colorful headband.

Loose Braids

Curly locks can be styled into loose braids for a polished yet casual look. Use a frizz-fighting product to keep strands smooth throughout the day. If you have layered hair, pull all your front strands up and pin them in place with your fingers. This updo would be great for prom or any formal event, especially with an eye-catching red bandana.

Romantic Updo

This romantic updo is perfect for girls with natural curls who want to wear their hair up for special events. Weave and pin loose strands around your bun to achieve this gorgeous, undone aesthetic. It’s a stunning style that will impress everyone.

High Bun

Let your curls shine with this feminine high-bun updo. Start by applying curl-defining gel to your locks, then gather them into a high ponytail. Make sure the accumulated hair doesn’t touch either side of your face. Add some pearl hair pins for decoration. This simple yet sophisticated style is ideal for formal events and casual outings.

Side Braid

This easy updo for curly locks lets you embrace your natural texture and volume. Twist separate strands and secure them with large hair clips for a feminine look. Create a deep side part and braid a rectangular section of hair before wrapping it over your shoulder. Arrange the rest of your hair into a half ponytail at the back and pin it. Take one of your side braids and French braid it loosely, then fold them together and apply hairspray to keep everything in place. This ethereal-looking style is perfect for special events.


Cornrow braids provide a stunning foundation for updo styles. These low-maintenance and protective braids come in various colors and patterns. Adding gold beads to tiny cornrows can add glamour to formal looks. Cornrows can also be combined with other braid styles, such as goddess braids, for striking designs. These African-inspired cornrow patterns look feminine yet powerful, especially when worn alongside loose coils.


Accessories are essential when styling updos for curly hair. Hairpins, ponytail holders, and hair ties can all help achieve the perfect updo. Silk or satin scarves offer another fun way to add color and texture to your look while protecting your natural coils against friction and tangles.

Tips for Updos with Curly Hair

Building updos with curly hair doesn’t have to be complicated. Remember to gently handle your hair, detangle it, and use frizz-control products. Work with your natural texture and length to achieve the most flattering updo. With the right styling products, you can create stunning updos that defy gravity, fight humidity, and define your curls effortlessly.

Elegant Half-Updo

Try this elegant half-updo for an effortless updo that keeps hair out of the face. Start by creating a French braid and twisting strands as you progress down to the back of your head.