Curly Hair Trends 2020

Curly hair has an elegant natural texture that suits most facial features beautifully. To enhance its style further, add an undercut for maximum impact or use hair dye or styling products to accentuate its form.

Medium curly hair styled with a taper fade

Medium curly hair styled with a taper fade is a stunning look that suits most women and can be further highlighted with the addition of textured combovers or added hairspray for extra definition.

Equal Curls

Curly hair features distinct coil shapes and requires plenty of moisture to develop defined curl patterns. Products that contain heat protectants are essential in keeping curls healthy and robust.

Semi Waves

Bold curls make an impression, so combining a clean cut with bold curls is best. Mid-length layered cuts are the ideal style choice for curly locks.

Short and Thin Curls

Consider an asymmetrical bob with longer bangs on one side for an edgy and playful curly hairstyle. Long layers are great for thickening curls and adding fullness.

Curly Shag

A practical shag haircut can completely transform how wavy hair looks, softening thick curls while adding volume and shape to thin locks. Shorter, choppy layers provide an updated take on your middle school emo cut.

Short Curled Top with Tapered Sides

A curly layered bob with thin bangs is the ultimate classic retro style. Layers can add definition and volume to curls, while a low taper fade creates a modern aesthetic.

Short Curled Top with Fade

This low-fade curly hairstyle lets your natural curls do all of the talking. Curly taper fades look amazing on men with bushy coiled locks when styled with a beard and pompadour.

Short Curled Top with Chill Stable

Make the most of your curls with this adorable hairstyle! This charming style featuring lovely twisted loops can add an edge to the bob.

Short Curled Top with Rusty Blonde Highlight

Men with curly hair can add volume and texture by layering small curls at the top into an afro, while their lower areas feature highlights in cold hues of blonde.

Short Curled Top with Chill Taper

Curly haircuts with taper fades can create an exciting and stylish style statement. Thin curls create dense texture at the crown while the fade is carefully maintained.