How to Style Curly Hair For Black Women

Curly hair styling options for black women are truly endless. By following an inspiring photo and using suitable products, you can tame those curls and create gorgeous, comfortable, and chic styles.

1. Finger coils

Finger coils are an elegant protective hairstyle perfect for those looking to maintain their curls without heat and suitable for all curly types and lengths. Plus, their minimal maintenance requirements mean you can wear this style with any style!

To achieve the look, divide your hair into sections and apply Styling Flaxseed Gel Curl Custard to each area, twisting small strands around your fingers until they form tight coils. Repeat this process until all sections have been completed – be sure to mist each with water as you go!

This style looks especially beautiful if your hair is styled in an ombre fashion and pin it back into a high ponytail, defining your ringlets while adding visual interest. Dye them an electric red hue for even greater contrast! All it takes for this magnificent curl to take shape is healthy, detangled hair and some time spent perfecting its appearance.

2. Curly Bob

Although many stylists advise black women with curly hair to avoid bob haircuts, many styles work beautifully if your curl type can accommodate one. Consult a stylist who specializes in cutting curly locks to achieve optimal results for yourself.

This model chose a short bob with full, voluminous curls arranged into spirals swept gently across her forehead. These lovely coils were further highlighted with contrastive blonde highlights to emphasize her dark eyes and add texture.

Rejoining your natural curls is always a wise choice, mainly in this style. This playful yet sophisticated look can be worn for any event and occasion. Ask your stylist to layer and taper the ends to prevent your bob from looking bottom-heavy. Additionally, be sure to invest in quality moisturizer and styling products like DevaCurl’s Decadence line, SuperCream, and Ultra-defining gel to maintain the health and shape of your curly locks – the model used DevaCurl products in her style for the definition of her curls!

3. Ponytail

Ponytails are an effortless yet stylish solution for girls with short curly locks, offering easy yet chic styling solutions for days when curls have too much presence around their faces.

Make this look even more stylish by creating a deep side part and adding dramatic color to the ends of your pixie cut – this will add an element of drama that makes it stand out from other looks!

Add wispy curls for a softer, more feminine style with your curly bob. This style works equally well at casual or formal events and requires the use of detangling spray and texturizing powder – guaranteed to turn heads!

4. Space bun

Space buns are an effective way to show off textured locks, particularly those you have colored, in an eye-catching style. Anyone with two-toned or multicolored waves should try this style because its twisting strands reflect light differently and create an impressive kaleidoscopic pattern of beautiful colors reminiscent of nature itself.

Musician NAO adds half-up space buns to her braided hair, proving that this look works across different textures and lengths of locks. To achieve this style, begin by detangling and brushing through all strands to remove tangles before using a precision comb to create an undivided middle part.

Once your hair is divided into two equal sections, pull one side into a ponytail and secure it using clear elastic or bobby pins. Repeat this process on the other side before spraying a mist of L’Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold, Light Hairspray Unscented to secure your style throughout the day.