How to Style a Curly Hair Sew in

Sew-in styles are a great way to achieve a luxurious and natural-looking hairstyle with curly hair extensions. However, maintaining these extensions can be time-consuming. To keep your curls looking supple and hydrated, it is essential to use a conditioner spray on them daily.

22 Sew-In Styles for Curly Hair

Various sew-in styles can provide you with long and gorgeous ringlets that won’t tangle or shed. From asymmetrical bobs to cascading curls, here are 22 sew-in style ideas:

Tight Curls

If you love the look of ringlets, a curly hair sew-in can give you full coverage with long and luxurious waves. Ensure your stylist installs the weave with a middle part, adding plenty of volume. Layering strategies and deep conditioning helps maintain the desired style.

Tight Waves

Curly sew-ins are an excellent option for achieving full and voluminous locks without maintaining a full head weave. Using three or more bundles of hair will ensure complete coverage. Experiment with different hair colors for a bold and eye-catching look.

Big Curls

Identifying your curl type is essential for selecting the right products and styling techniques. Try a long curly sew-in if you want to show off your curves. It allows you to create playful or professional looks for various occasions.

Classy Curls

For a natural-looking hairstyle that appears to grow from your scalp, opt for a curly sew-in style with total yet natural volume. Pin-curling the extensions and securing them overnight can help retain their shape.

Beachy Curls

Achieve an effortless and casual style with beachy curls. Start with partially dry hair and apply volumizing spray and anti-humidity treatment. Use a curling wand to coil small sections of hair loosely. Finish with texturizing spray and flexible hold hairspray for long-lasting beachy waves.

Experiment with Different Looks and Colors

Sew-in styles offer the opportunity to experiment with different hair colors and looks. Whether metallic blue or subtle caramel blonde, adding color to your sew-in can give your tresses an eye-catching shine.