Hairstyles For Curly Male Hair

Thicker curly locks add flair and sophistication to any style, whether long or short. Combine your curly locks with a polished skin fade and sleek designs in the undercut for a contemporary aesthetic.

Styles that work well for men with curly hair include mid-taper fade and curly quiff. These looks are ideal for looking professional without losing their natural kinks of curly locks.

Long curly hair

Curly hair can make an exciting statement about gender norms and make a bold statement, creating volume and movement. Although having long curls may pose some difficulties when styling them properly, men with the appropriate haircuts can achieve stylish yet functional styles to match their personal styles.

One of the best looks for men with curly hair is a fade haircut, featuring gradual trims on both the sides and back of their heads for effortless length maintenance while cutting maintenance time in half. Additionally, this cut pairs nicely with beards.

Kit Harington from Game of Thrones is an inspiring example of someone with long, curly locks who wears it styled to perfection. His natural salt-and-pepper color and voluminous curls pair seamlessly with his faded haircut, helping him look polished for work and social events.

Curly mullet

Curly Mullets are the ideal haircut for curly locks, combining style with low maintenance requirements. A curly mullet involves keeping the top portion of your hair curly while tapering its sides into an unusual shape for a distinctive look – similar to Jim Carrey’s bowl cut from Dumb