Cool Curly Haircuts For Boys

Boys with curly hair can look fantastic when they are left loosely curled without much styling required. This style works exceptionally well for younger children as it requires little upkeep.

Skin Fade

A skin fade is an effective way to define the top of your head while complementing any curls you might be sporting. Additionally, this style works well with longer fringes.

Textured Skin Fade

A textured skin fade is the ideal style to add some ruggedity and maintain curls while showing some edge, perfect for boys who wish to showcase both. Unfortunately, this look requires constant upkeep to keep its curls intact.

Caesar Haircut

A Caesar haircut is an excellent choice for black boys with curly hair. This versatile style can be worn as either a side-swept fringe or an all-over short cut; more extended boundaries work exceptionally well on voluminous curls and can create an eye-catching style when styled with high gloss pomade or gel. This look works very well on boys whose natural curls tend to be unruly; they can be celebrated and neatly stacked to form an eye-catching design.


Boys with naturally curly locks can use a plateau top as an eye-catching addition to their style. This look provides an alternative to the more commoner bun and works exceptionally well with straighter haircuts.

Longer Length

This curly haircut for boys allows the natural beauty of curls and ringlets to show. The longer length on top makes styling their hair easy without much effort needed from the boys themselves.

Tight Curls

Boys with dark curls can show their personality with this adorable style. A taper fades on the sides, and the crown accentuates the lovely texture of rings, while shorter strands on the forehead make this style manageable for everyday life. A must-have look for boys who rock curly locks!


Tighter curls look lovely when worn back from the face on young kids, especially if pushed away from it with tighter coils moved backward. This style looks cute and soft while framing and softening complex facial features. More closed loops also offer boys looking for an innocent touch in their look. Designs elevate this look and can work on all types of curls. Low skin fades, and a shape shave adds another element to its overall aesthetic.

Voluminous Curls

This style is an excellent cut for boys with voluminous and bouncy curls, this style is ideal for showing off vibrant colors. Perfect for summertime or parties with many vibrant hues, it makes an eye-catching fashion statement!

Contrast Style

This style features a low skin fade with long, curly locks on top for an effortlessly stylish and easy-care style. It stands out due to the contrast between its short sides and voluminous curls, which makes this hairstyle stand out and trendy.

Rebellious Personality

This boy’s long, curly hairstyle accentuates his features. It adds an air of youthful, fresh aggression, making an impressionable statement about their rebellious personalities, which boys may develop in early adolescence. Funky and creative, it leaves an everlasting mark on all who view it.


Curly hair can be tricky to keep looking its best, so a polished bowl cut with a hard part can be the ideal solution. This style creates a sharp appearance that complements its textured curls perfectly while giving the overall look a carefree throwback aesthetic.

Shoulder-Length Curls

Letting looser curls hang at shoulder length can be an eye-catching style for boys of all ages, as the movement and body of these ringlets stand out while providing a stunning frame around their faces.

Faux Hawk

An extravagant faux hawk is the perfect way to channel a boy’s wild side and add some flare to his appearance. While this style requires plenty of work and time commitment, the results more than makeup for their cost.