Top 5 Curly Haircuts For Boys

Curly hair can become heavy and frizzy over time, so choosing a haircut that keeps the length manageable is vital to controlling its strands. A fade cut creates an apparent contrast between longer top layers and shorter side pieces for maximum control of frizziness and weightiness.

Complex parts add definition and edge to your style, complementing the looser aesthetic of textured curls. Ask your stylist for a shaved line to achieve this sharper appearance.

Long Curly Hairstyles

Curly hair may seem difficult to style, but that doesn’t have to be true. A taper fade with side parting is ideal for guys with big curls that become unruly if left alone.

This brushed-up hairstyle uses curls to add height and features a shorter nape and sides to keep its lengthening effect in check. Plus, its easy maintenance requires regular trips to the barber.

Short Curly Hairstyles

This short, curly hairstyle is an effortlessly chic and powerful look. Keeping the sides buzzed short and adding an understated widow’s peak with texture to the top layer adds dimension and works best on people with round or oblong-shaped faces.

A light side part adds a soft aesthetic and helps accentuate your curls. Furthermore, its fade looks very clean and natural.

Medium Curly Hairstyles

Men looking for an effortless medium haircut to show off their curly locks will appreciate this style, which is easy to maintain without compromising style or comfort.

This cut features a faux hawk with length on both top and sides. A tricky part adds definition and sharpness, complementing your relaxed curls for an eye-catching appearance.

Short Mullet Hairstyles

Wavy mullet haircuts for boys are an incredibly modern style. Boasting a wavy top and fade on the sides, this look stands out. Additionally, its wavy style adds volume and texture to its locks.

A shaved temple fade is an eye-catching look for men’s mullets. Perfect for boys looking to showcase their individuality.

Long Pompadour Hairstyles

Long pompadour hairstyles harken back to the 1950s. Hair is styled into a pomp and defined with a low fade. For added definition and to complete this retro-chic look, wear it with a beard and mustache for best results.

This style features sleek lines compared to its counterpart, the quiff. A great look for men of all ages, use hair pomade to increase the volume of pompadour style pompadour.

High Curly Pompadour Hairstyles

This timeless look exudes vintage appeal. It consists of a taper fade on both the sides and back combined with lengthier locks on top for an authentic vintage vibe, perfect for men who prefer shorter hair while still looking dapper and stylish.

Curly hair can look gorgeous when styled into pomp styles with enough thickness to support its form. Use volumizing products and pomade to boost the style and shine for the best results.

Skin Fade Curly Undercut Hairstyles

A polished skin fade is the ideal way to showcase voluminous curls for an eye-catching style that requires little maintenance. The top is long, with strategically messy coils forming a round and rippling effect.

The Christ Shave gives this curly quiff a sophisticated flair that commands attention. Additionally, its fade adds some contrast against thick natural curls for an even more significant visual impact.

Bowl Cut Hairstyles

Modern bowl cuts are an eye-catching hairstyle for men looking to stand out. Pair one with a fade or undercut for a stunning contrast look; alternatively, make the style even more distinctive by giving it an unorthodox fringe style!

For a bolder look, try opting for a mushroom cut – an elegant variation on the classic bowl haircut that works especially well on curly hair textures.

Short Buzz Cut Hairstyles

Short buzz-cut hairstyles are easy to achieve at home with clippers and make for an appealingly brief and precise appearance. Men can opt for classic 3-2-1 styles or ask their barber to fade the sides and top using number 1 guard fade fades for added dimension.

An intricate line design on a faded haircut adds an extra dimension and makes this low-maintenance style stand out. It accentuates facial features while working well with all types of facial hair, from stubble to full beards.

Short Long Hairstyles

An elevated skin fades with an organic twist style on top is an iconic and fashionable boy’s hairstyle, best worn using water-soluble pomade for additional support.

This style is ideal for boys looking to grow out their hair but prefers an effortless maintenance style, like the fringe cut. This look works exceptionally well on teens with curly or wavy locks.