Curly Hair Cuts Near Me

An exquisite curly haircut can transform your appearance, but only when done by an experienced stylist who understands your curl pattern and texture. hair Rules Salon is dedicated to empowering and educating curly girls.

hair Rules Salon

Their hairdressers are experts in their craft and will deliver glamorous results. Deva products are used in their salon, offering Deva cut services and advice to care for curls at home. In addition, their stylists provide advice and training sessions regarding the care of rings at home.


Ouidad is a professional-grade curly hair product line designed specifically to cater to curly locks. Their products are free from harsh sulfates, silicones, alcohol, and witch hazel while infusing your locks with nourishment such as oils, proteins, and amino acids to keep them looking their best!

Ouidad’s Carving