Curly Hair Color Ideas For 2017

Curly hair colors offer endless opportunities to express yourself with bold or subdued statements of color.

Dark Brown

Deep brown locks add depth and warmth to any complexion. Lighter highlights or lowlights in brown hues accentuate curls beautifully.

Pink and Purple

Pink and purple hues add playful flair and personality to curly hair. They work wonderfully and can be used to create eye-catching ombre effects.

Light Brown

Light brown hair color combined with golden blonde highlights makes for a striking combination that adds sun-kissed shine and dimension.


Purple has become a significant hair trend in 2017. It can look stunningly elegant on wavy or curly locks when worn correctly.


Blonde combined with warmer-toned copper or brown shades creates beautiful ashy bases for textured curls that contrast beautifully against cool skin tones.


A bold red-orange hue can turn heads and make a statement. Light copper shades pair nicely with warm tones of pink.


A light shade of platinum works beautifully on all hair colors and can create a unique and updated style for curly locks.


Curly hair color can add depth and dimension. Consider ombre or dip dye colors for a bold look, or try maroon balayage for a dramatic effect.