Anime Characters With Curly Hair

Curly-haired anime characters exude an undeniable charisma that’s hard to miss. Their disobedience and playful energy make for captivating storylines while remaining caring and sympathetic characters. Here are ten of the most famous curly-haired characters in anime and movies; all are fantastic fun!

1. Nui Harime

Nui Harime is an energetic teenage girl with curly blond pigtails that hang down her back like drill rigs, with smaller locks framing her face. She served as REVOCS Grand Couturier and killed Isshin Matoi.

2. Sadi

Sadi stands out with her unruly orange hair and robust features. Her pitchfork conceals a whip she can use to strike opponents with tremendous force.

3. Ymir

Ymir was an ancient frost giant associated with leadership, wisdom, and deceit. He can control Titans with Paths.

4. Lizzy

Lizzy is known for her big, curly locks and tendency to draw attention wherever she goes. She is kind and brave, making a wonderful friend.

5. Frodo Baggins

Frodo Baggins is the lead in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. He is accompanied by his greatest ally, Sam, throughout his journey.

6. Seth

Seth stands apart from most Dolls as an individual capable of self-determination. They aim to push players towards overexerting themselves with high-priority special moves.

7. Tia