Curl My hair

Want to curl my hair without a flat iron? Well, just add this newest wallpaper on your computer screen, and you will have an instant curl in under a minute. It comes with a smooth curling iron, which means no snagging, catching or breaking, and a variety of different textures, from scratch to bounce to hold. That will be beautifully straightened, relaxed and full of volume in no time!

If you want to know how to curl my hair the sexy way, then keep reading. Whether that is straight, wavy, curly or somewhere in between, you can achieve the extra volume and bounce that you want using these three simple techniques. Using a curling iron (or one of those other gadgets that use a ball on a platform to generate curls), simply apply a few generous drops of shampoo and wrap the iron around your tresses. Turn the temperature to the highest possible setting (high heat is what will help your natural curls curl) and curl my hair until the knots in your tresses begin to appear. You will notice that not only will that become more sexy, but it will also look fuller and more voluminous as well.