How to Hold My Curls For Longer

Curling your hair can make your style pop, but it may take some work. Maintaining beautiful coils may take some effort; sometimes, they don’t stay put throughout the day!

Try using a curl-enhancing cream and adding clarifying shampoo regularly to prevent buildup that can make your curls appear limp.

Section your hair

If your hair resists holding its curls, sectioning may create a more uniform look by spreading all your curls out evenly throughout.

Try the Flip Section Method, popularized by curly influencer Sophie-Marie. This technique involves sectioning your hair upside-down and creating ribbon curls in each section.

Whether you want tight or loose curls, this method will give you beautiful results that last all day. Just be sure to apply a heat protectant first; work in small sections (one-inch widths or less), as larger ones will receive less heat and be more likely to lose their shape than small ones. Finally, towel dry your locks until they reach around 70-80% dry before commencing styling.

Curl your hair

Apply a volumizing mousse to damp hair before curling it with a heat protectant for increased hold, especially if your locks have become dry after being straightened. This will also provide more storage in case they need straightening later.

After blow-drying your hair, set out to get it 80% dry before curling it. Any extra moisture can cause your curls to go flat.

When you’re ready to curl, mist your hair with a styling spray specially tailored to your hair type. This will give your curls texture while preventing them from becoming too heavy.

Molina advises using a moderate hold hairspray as anything more substantial may weigh down your curls and cause them to look limp and flat. For best results, apply it from at least 10 inches away. He warns that a stronghold spray may cause too much weight on your curls and cause them to flatten down further.

Set your curls

Curling your hair for special events or achieving healthy-looking waves requires extra grip for those curls. Utilizing heat protectant spray, light hair spray, or even dry texture spray before beginning can give your strands extra grip that allows the ring to have its shape longer.

Curl your hair in different directions for a more natural appearance, and ensure that the curls move in different directions rather than all in one.

Finally, if your frizz-prone locks require additional help smoothing out any stubborn flyaways or flyaway hair, straight styling cream may help smooth and hydrate those annoying flyaways!

Avoid conditioner in your wash routine, as this can make your locks too silky and slippery to hold a curl. Also, if you wear your hair down, pin each section with a soft scrunchie before bedtime – this will prevent your circles from breaking free or becoming messy while sleeping!

Finish your curls

For an effortless, natural-looking finish, it’s essential to wait until your curls have completely set before running your fingers through them or brushing them out. Doing so may cause them to loosen and fall flat; resist this urge! You may lightly comb or brush your hair to create more texture before creating more natural-looking styles, but make sure they have had time to cool first!

Potempa suggests following some essential tips and tricks for keeping curls intact throughout the day, starting with washing with light moisture shampoo and conditioner that won’t weigh down your locks.

She recommends using a heat protection spray before curling your hair to protect it from being damaged by the iron’s heat and help your style last all day. Furthermore, she suggests finishing with texturizing spray for extra hold – this acts like dry shampoo and neutralizes any excess oils in your locks!