How to Start a Crown Braid

To create a gorgeous crown braid, you must learn how to begin a Dutch or French braid. In this article, you will learn how to start a crown braid and how to style it with a halo approach. Here are some tips:

How to start a crown braid


If you have curly, thick, or wavy hair, you can use this simple braiding technique to achieve a crown-like style. Begin by parting your hair in four sections. Part your hair down the back and left side. Then braid each section, going in the same direction. Secure each section with bobby pins. This hairstyle looks beautiful on any woman, regardless of complexion or length of hair.


Depending on your preference, a crown braid can be puffy or sleek. The key is to have evenly distributed hair on both sides of your part. The braiding technique can be done by using a French braid or a three-strand braid. It is important to secure the part with a small elastic band or a bobby pin. Once complete, secure the crown braid with a bobby pin or hair clip to ensure it stays in place.

Dutch braiding technique


A simple way to dress up your plait is by using the Dutch braiding technique. You’ll use the same basic three-strand method to construct the braid. By gradually adding sections of hair, you can dress up your plait and add more interest. Dutch braids are great for constructing double and crown braids. This easy technique can be learned by anyone, regardless of hair length. Here’s how to use it to create a crown braid:


The Dutch braiding technique is a popular choice for a crown braid because it can be used on any type of hair. If you have thick, wavy hair, you can create loose curls by using hair mousse or rollers. This braid style is also ideal for wearing with formal dresses. If you have a hard time getting the hairstyle to look right, try the Dutch braiding technique! It will take several tries to get it right, but it is worth it once you do!

French braiding technique


A French braiding technique for black hair can produce an incredible crown braid. This type of hairstyle is the perfect choice for a formal occasion or prom. If you have curly hair, you can experiment with this braided style, but remember to pin your braid tightly and use hairspray to hold it in place. This hairstyle can look great on both straight and curly hair. To get the desired effect, follow these steps to create the perfect crown braid.


To create a crown braid, start with your hair in a ponytail. If you are starting from scratch, try a messy version of this hairstyle. Adding a bit of hair extensions to your crown braid will make the style look more dazzling and edgy. You can also opt for a double crown braid. Either way, the crown braid will enhance your style no matter what occasion you’re attending.

Style a crown braid with a halo approach


You can style a crown braid with a hal-approach for black hair in a few different ways. One of these ways is to braid two sections of hair, a few inches apart, and twist them together. Then, wrap each braid around the head to make it look like a halo braid. Then, use a rat-tail comb or fishtail comb to create extra texture. You can use a hairspray to keep the braid in place.


To begin the process, you’ll need to prep your hair by using a conditioning product. This will help prevent damage from styling tools, such as a flatiron. Also, heat protection spray can help protect your hair from heat damage, which is common when using styling tools. This product will protect your hair from the heat during the beginning stages. It can also help to hold less-manageable hair in place during the braiding process.

Rock a crown braid with a messy bun


One of the best ways to get a chic crown braid is to use your hair to your advantage. This updo looks great on black hair and is quick to do, too. Long straight hair works well for this style, and it’s simple to create. Simply pull your hair back into a low braid, then wrap it around your head using hair pins. You can even add a jeweled clip or a string of sparkling beads to add some glam. The crown braided updo is a great choice for formal events.


Whether you’ve got black hair or red or brown hair, this crown braid is a style that will never go out of style. You can even incorporate a floral theme with this look. Using a hair piece or weave, you can achieve a voluminous braid. A messy bun looks fabulous with a braided crown. Hair extensions are also a great option for big braids. To add an extra romantic touch to your crown braid, try adding flowers. Any variation of a crown braid will work, but small, tender flowers will look great with lace dresses and lacy hair.