Crochet Twist Updo Hairstyles

Crochet braids offer a modern style that can be versatile and styled for different occasions. One eye-catching option is the jumbo twist updo, which looks beautiful and protects your hair from the sun and elements.

Super High Half Braided Up-do

This elegant braided updo is perfect for formal events or individuals with finer locks. Use volume-enhancing products like BRIOGEO hair CARE Curl Charisma(tm) Rice Amino Quinoa Frizz Control Gel for a fuller look. It can also be styled as a casual half-updo for a more effortless yet classy appearance.

Braided Halo Hairstyle

The braided halo hairstyle adds drama and suits any hair texture for medium to long-length hair. Enhance the elegance with a dainty bow or flower clip for extra impact.

Faux Locs

Give your natural hair some TLC with this waist-length faux locs look, which adds texture while protecting your locks from the summer heat and humidity. You can choose fake locs that match your skin tone or go with deeper hues for a bolder effect. Pairing the burgundy mane with gold jewelry adds vibrance and makes a statement.

Rolling Crochet Braids into a Half-Up

Crochet braids are a versatile protective style for all hair textures and lengths. To achieve a rolling crochet braid half-updo, start with a narrow cornrow braid along your hairline and then create loose three-strand braids on each side. Pull these braids over and pancake them for a complete and voluminous effect. Enhance the style with a bejeweled hairpin or flower for special occasions.

Undercut Crochet Braids

Try crochet braids with cornrows that give an undercut appearance for a bold statement. Moisturize your braids daily with a scalp-safe moisturizer to keep them healthy. Add shells or bangs to create an eye-catching and chic style. Crochet braids can also be styled into an elegant ponytail, perfect for those with shoulder-length or longer hair.