Protective Crochet Hairstyles For Kids

Crochet hairstyles can provide your little one with a trendy yet playful style. This chic style involves plaiting natural strands into small cornrows and then attaching a curly crochet weave, creating a stunning voluminous ponytail perfect for kids.

Large Twists

Large twists are an ever-popular style and look stunning on children, yet it is essential not to give too much hair as this could put too much strain on their necks.

Cornrows Braids

Cornrows are one of the most beloved protective styles for kids, offering adorable yet long-term coverage that’s easy to take off – perfect for long vacations! However, care should be taken not to tighten them too tightly as this could damage their hair or be uncomfortable for them. Stitch braids are an elegant way to elevate standard cornrows. Beads or edges hair frames complete the look. If your daughter needs something that will keep her hair out of her face, consider cornrow ponytails as a protective style that looks great during recess at school and can even be enhanced with accessories such as bows or faux flowers for an adorable finish.

Curly Braids

Braided pigtails are an adorable hairstyle for children that will keep their locks off their shoulders and out of the way while remaining easy to do. Plus, you can add beads or ribbons for an even more stylish look! If your child has curly locks, consider giving them a fish braid or waterfall braid to feel like royalty and brighten their day. Or try crown braids for something unique! Be mindful that styling your child’s hair in one style for extended periods can be damaging. Therefore, switch up their looks frequently to maintain healthy and beautiful locks.

Cornrow Braids with Curls

Your child with curly locks can still sport an adorable cornrow braid style! This protective hairstyle features two high pigtails secured to her head with colorful beads for an eye-catching finish. Add a cute hair bow or faux flower for extra flair. If you want your daughter’s braids to last for an extended period, consider giving them an added protective styling step that will keep her hair healthy and beautiful. One option is stitch braids which feature rows of neat horizontal parts. These stunning styles are gorgeous in appearance and can also be worn day or night and look fabulous. To create this look, begin with a center part and pull back half into a ponytail. Next, divide the back section into left and right areas for added definition.

Cornrow Braids with Dreadlocks

Kids love playing, and this braid style can help keep their locks out of the way while they do it! A leave-in conditioner should be applied before styling; then complete the look by accessorizing with kid-safe bows or beads! Dreadlocks offer a bohemian aesthetic, which may fit well with your child’s unique style and personality. Plus, they act as protective styles for natural or curly locks! To achieve the look, start with a section of dreads fastened together with an elastic. Next, pick up another dread and cross it over the center dread. Continue this process until all dreads have been cornrowed to achieve an elegant boho style sure to please your daughter—the result: a sleek look sure to please her.

Tight Ponytail

Tight ponytails may be an iconic look among girls, yet tightening it too tightly may result in physical pain. This condition, known as allodynia, occurs when the brain misinterprets normal stimuli like touch or light pressure as painful stimulations and causes discomfort. Solution: Create a loose fishtail braid that looks cute without causing your child pain. To do this, divide the hair down the center into two sections; begin working each section into a fishtail while including face-framing strands as you go; finally, secure each braid’s end with an attractive hair tie. This hairstyle makes an eye-catching statement at any birthday party or daytime event, adding some tiny beads for flair.