Protect Your hair With Crochet Box Braids

Crochet braids can be incredibly protective when appropriately worn and easily styled once in place. If you’re considering trying box braids as your protective hairstyle of choice, here are some ideas to get you thinking. However, be sure to consult your stylist before making any definitive decisions.

Chunky Braids Accessorized With One Braid Cuff

Add an extra dose of drama when wearing chunky braids by accessorizing with a single braid cuff – this style accentuates your eyes while simultaneously adding volume to your locks! This look adds dimension and style. If you’re feeling daring and vibrant, a crochet braid cuff in an eye-catching color will stand out against thick locks. Or mix and match multiple crocheted colors for an eye-catching, fun, and wild look; try an ombre crochet braid crown or rainbow-colored crochet braids headwrap. Add dimension and feminine appeal to your braids by using curl patterns, giving them a more feminine finish suitable for any special event. Plus, add pops of color by including some burgundy beads!

Another reason twisted crochet braid styles are popular is they reduce tension on natural hair. Since individual strands of crochet braids are installed rather than sewn in with wefts like traditional box braids do, you will put less overall pressure on natural strands, making parting and maintaining this style simpler.

Half-Up/Half-Down Braids

Box braids are elegant, and protective, but installing them can take forever! For an easier way to achieve the same effect quickly and instantaneously, crochet braids may be just what’s needed! They offer similar textures as human hair braids while being easier and quicker to install – plus, no tangles! Plus, they shed less than these timeless classics!

This next braided look features half-up and half-down cornrows for a chic glam style, ideal for women with medium to long hair who wish to experiment with different hairstyles. The braids in front are pulled back while all other sections remain loose to show off gorgeous facial structures.

One of the most remarkable ways to wear crochet braids is by adding in some color – such as this burgundy look – without adding too much volume. Add an elegant and stylish finishing touch to your crochet braids by accessorizing with braid cuffs. These charming accessories can elevate any look, but are especially well-suited for half-up/half-down braids; they look beautiful and trendy and can help hide forehead creases when your hair is up.

High Bun Braids

When it comes to protecting natural hair, crochet braids are one of the best protective styles available. Not only are they simple and aesthetically pleasing, but their minimal maintenance requirements mean this protective style may even help promote longer-term health benefits! When adequately wrapped around at night and secured around the edges, crochet braids may even prove one of the healthiest long-term styles you can wear!

This adorable yet easy style is great for anyone seeking a cute but casual appearance. Featuring a high bun with side braids decorated with beads, it creates an attractive yet sophisticated style that works well in any color but works exceptionally well when long braids are involved. If you’re feeling daring, try a super-long goddess box braid! These long faux will turn more than a few heads your way; while their length may initially seem daunting, once you experience how beautiful letting your hair down in this style is. When running errands or going on dates afterward, simply pull back into a high bun for instant class!