How to Style a Crew HairCut

Classic Crew Hair Cut

The crew cut is a classic crew haircut for men, which comes in various styles like brush cuts or the more elaborate Ivy League cut. When added with high or skin fade fades for added effect.

Thick hair and Beards

Thick hair works beautifully for this style, adding density and volume. Additionally, this look pairs nicely with beards.

Textured Crew Cut

Although a traditional crew cut is designed to keep things neat and orderly, this textured version offers more of an undone style. It works great on all hair types and textures alike and is especially effective when combined with low skin fade and an emphasis on the surface on top. Use lightweight styling products with matte or natural finishes, such as pomades and waxes. Also, get regular haircuts to maintain a clean and neat appearance.

Spiky Crew Cut

Taken from the famous High and Tight cut, this crew hairstyle features neatly faded sides that create a small line design and pinched top hair for a trendy finish. A crew cut is ideal for thick hair, as it will help disguise signs of thinning. Explore various lengths and fades until you find one that best complements your unique hair texture.

Military Crew Cut

The military crew cut is an attractive and masculine choice for men looking for an eye-catching hairstyle. It features short to medium hair that has been neatly shaved on both sides and back for a smooth fade effect. This style is ideal for men with thinned-out locks as it helps cover patches. Furthermore, you can pair this look with a beard for an alluring appearance.

Long Crew Cut

The classic crew cut is timeless yet trendily modern. Pairing this style with either a low or mid-fade haircut adds depth and volume, while some men opt to add even more with hairspray or pomade. Thick hair naturally wants to stand upright, making it easier than ever before to achieve a casual and professional-looking crew-cut look. Choose a shorter style explicitly tailored to suit your face shape, or try using fades as part of a slimming effect.

Blunt Crew Cut

This classic crew cut style makes an ideal look for formal events or casual gatherings, effortlessly adding sophistication. Brush back the hair gel or pomade into place for easy maintenance! This crew cut takes the fade look to an entirely different level by employing high fades on both the sides and back while keeping the top short.

Utilitarian Crew Cut

Crew cuts are great ways of hiding receding hairlines and thinning crowns, but they also work for those with thicker manes. Paired with a tight skin fade and texturized top layer, a crew cut can give men with thicker hairs a polished, dapper appearance suitable for anything from casual beer nights to business meetings. If a formal crew cut Mohawk is too drastic for you, try switching things up by opting for a clean comb over with low fade. Brush back your locks and use hair wax for an attractive finish.

Spiky Top Crew Cut

Short and neat, this crew cut is an ideal style choice for men with thick hair. Since thick locks tend to stand upright naturally, this cut requires minimal styling effort for a professional and neat appearance. Taper fades add an elegant and contemporary feel to this clean crew cut, giving the front strands room for movement while looking for a youthful charm. Dry texture is in style, so this cut works excellently with a disconnected beard.

Textured Top Crew Cut

Men who don’t prefer the clean lines and sometimes fluffy appearance of traditional crew cuts may choose textured styles instead. By employing point cutting to create layers of hair at various lengths in the top section, this look can be enhanced using gel spikes or texturizing products for texture. Short crew cuts can be styled into pomps, quiffs, or Ivy League looks. Longer cuts require pomades and waxes with low sheen for more structured styles.

Spiky Sides Crew Cut

Ask your barber to create a crew cut with tapered sides and an inconspicuous skin fade for a casual yet classic style. Their stylist should keep the length short on the back and sides while leaving some distance at the top to give a classic appearance. Style your spiky crew cut with either a side part or comb over, and use a hair product with texture to achieve an ideal finish.

Military Top Crew Cut

The military cut is an excellent hairstyle for anyone seeking a bright, classic, and timeless appearance. Featuring an elevated and tight variation of the crew cut featuring skin fade on the back and sides and short-length hair at the top, the military amount makes a statement of sophistication and traditionalism. Subtle modifications, such as adding a side part, can transform this style into an Ivy League haircut. Comb over and apply some pomade for a sleek and stylish finish.