How to Style a Crew Hair Cut With a Fade


The crew cut is a timeless and iconic hairstyle that is perfect for work or casual activities. It requires low maintenance and is suitable for many different face shapes. Adding a fade to the head’s sides and back can simplify styling. There are various styles of short crew cuts, including regulation or high and tight cuts. Side-swept cuts can be worn with beards or side-swept fringes for a casual look. Longer locks on top can be styled with hair products for spikes or Ivy League styles.


The crew cut is a classic look that gives a refined appearance. Adding a low taper fade helps streamline the style while allowing the hair on top to be styled forward or back. Shorter tops can be styled casually with spiked or tousled waves using pomade or styling wax. This pairs well with short and rugged beards. Another variation is the textured crew cut, which features a longer tuft on top with layers and choppier ends, giving a more unruly or neat appearance. Texturizing sea salt spray or hair mousse can be used for a natural, relaxed finish.


An extended crew cut is ideal for taming thick hair and hiding a receding hairline. This style starts with a medium or high crop on top and tapered sides that can be left at low, mid, or high length. It suits many face shapes and styles, such as an Ivy League appearance. Medium to firm hold pomades or waxes can style the hair for a sleek finish. Low-shine products can create a more natural look. Spike-ups, comb-overs, or faux mohawks are also possible with these products.

Side Part

The side-part haircut is a classic style that complements almost all face shapes. The part can either float with or conceal a cowlick, and it can help minimize more prominent foreheads by styling with a shaved line or fade. Deep side parts add old-Hollywood glamour, while middle parts create an elegant look that suits many facial structures. Shaved lines along the hairline can add an unconventional aesthetic.

Shaved Line

If you’re unsatisfied with long, shaggy hairstyles or close-shorn buzz cuts, a crew cut with a shaved line offers a stylish compromise. This sleek and tidy look still allows for some styling options like side sweeping. Ask your barber for a crew cut with a top length between 1/2 and 2 inches, with tapered or faded sides for a clean finish. Adding hair clay can provide separation and texture. An irregularly shaved line along the hairline adds a bold touch.