Hairstyles For Men With Thin Hair

Men with thin hair should consider opting for a side part with a low fade crew cut as an easy and stylish hairstyle option. The textured style can be styled using pomade or wax.

Low taper or skin fade haircuts are great solutions for receding hairlines as they conceal any thin patches on top while leaving some length on top that can be pulled back for fuller volume.

Messy crew cut: A casual and easygoing style, perfect for days when slick-back hairstyles aren’t appropriate. It can be achieved using texturizing pomade.

Textured style: Adds volume to thin hair by incorporating a high fade on the sides and a texturized top part for the illusion of thicker locks. Works well with a full beard.

Classic style: A sharp skin fade adds a refined touch to a crew cut, allowing the top half to stand out. It can be worn with or without a beard. Creates a sophisticated and timeless look.

An extended crew cut: Lessens the noticeable thinning patches by featuring closely shaved sides and back with longer top strands brushed forward. Conceals thinned scalp areas.

Short, messy crew cut: A low-maintenance option for keeping hair short without too much fuss. Adds volume and body to thin locks. Use pomade or wax to maintain shape.

A long crew cut with skin fade: An elegant look that can be styled in various ways. Suitable for men with thin hair. Keep sides trimmed and wash hair regularly to prevent grease buildup.

Crew cut with upswept top: Effective for men with thinning hair. Features close-cropped sides and an upswept top pushed back to hide bald spots and simplify maintenance. Faded sides help conceal receding hairlines.