How to Style Crew Cut Hair

Men with a crew cut can style their hair in various ways. Some prefer neat and tidy, while others prefer a more casual appearance. An extended crew cut can even be styled into a pompadour or smoothed back using pomade for a slicked-back style. Request that your barber taper off the sides of your haircut for an elegant appearance that can be worn with or without beards. This style can look great regardless of age.


An upgrade for any regular crew cut with a high fade is to let your top hair grow longer in front and style it into a tricky part, creating an unconventional hairdo that complements more angular facial features. This hairdo works exceptionally well on male models.

Medium-length crew cuts can make an effective soft spiked fringe with some hair gel to define it! Plus, this style can also conceal thinned hair or an asymmetrical hairline!

Tapered Sides

A classic crew cut takes on an updated appearance with tapered sides for an updated style. While the length remains standard on the top, side shaves reveal skin around the ears for an eye-catching finish. This style works well on square-faced individuals since it creates more excellent structure and angularity in their faces, yet it may look wrong on the diamond and heart-shaped faces. Taper height can vary from high to medium or low; pair this style with a skin fade for added contrast.

Spiky Top

A crew cut with a spiky top is an eye-catching style, especially with a well-groomed mustache or light beard. Keep the sides short while creating an eye-catching semi-triangular ridge at the longer top by using some hair gel. Pair this look with accessories like earrings that show your personality, or pair it with stylish mustaches or light beards for added effect. This style is similar to a regular crew cut but adds an element of style. Sweep the long front sections upwards for defined spikes before running the product through them for added texture. Men who like a combination of clean and casual styles may appreciate a textured crew cut as an ideal look. This haircut offers both features in one.

Blunt Fringe

With a blunt fringe cut, your hair can frame your face without appearing too thick. Furthermore, this style helps cover a large forehead while helping balance out thinner facial features. Keep your crew cut long enough to create a more wholesome appearance by styling it into a side part or quiff with hair wax. This slick-back look works equally well for casual or professional attire and job interviews. The brushed-up style is an easy solution for those who do not wish to maintain high maintenance levels, provided a can of dry shampoo is on hand to refresh bangs when necessary.


The utilitarian crew cut is the ideal mix of dapper and casual. When styled with a high skin fade and blunt fringe, this look works equally well at social occasions or business meetings with clients or bosses. To create this style, keep the sides and back of your hair buzzed short while allowing the longer top piece to grow out for some textured crown texture. Use a pea-sized amount of texturizing paste for separation and definition.


For an inconspicuously neat crew cut, choose a no-fade style. With either low taper or closely shorn low skin fade techniques applied, this look creates an eye-catching contrast between short top hair and buzzed sides. This crew cut goes excellent with beards; ensure that any stubble is kept neatly trimmed to not appear messy. Add volume to your team cut with gel styling! Spike it up, comb over, or tousle for texture and an edged-out rocker look.

Growing Out

The crew cut is an ideal men’s hairstyle for growing out thicker locks. Tapering off both sides and combing over the top gives an effortless but chic style – great for guys with thin or sparse locks, as it can add volume to your strands! Today’s short male haircuts often favor textured styles for an eye-catching, non-rigid appearance. Adding texture to a crew cut is easy and instantly gives your style its identity.

Slicked Back

Some men’s hairstyles become famous for a limited period before becoming obsolete; others, such as the classic slicked-back style, remain timeless and are beloved by refined gentlemen and those seeking something less formal. This style only requires light pomade and comb work, making it extremely simple and stylish for any event. Furthermore, its versatility means it suits almost all face shapes.