Crazy Hair Styles For Kids

If your kids love spending time outside, try this fun campfire hairstyle. Combine sticks, marshmallows, and cotton balls for an eye-catching textured look!

Girls who adore unicorns will appreciate this whimsical style, which requires braiding your crown braid and shaping it with wire to form a unicorn horn.

Campfire Spikes

Red is an eye-catching color, and if you want a look that truly stands out, a fire red hairstyle with an undercut is ideal for creating eye-catching spikes that evoke spurts of flames.

First popularized by punk subculture, this trend was first made known to mainstream society by transforming the diadem crown of the Statue of Liberty – representing freedom and enlightening the world – into anarchist-inspired styles.

Unicorn Hairstyle

If your daughter loves animals, she can create her unicorn hairstyle using spray-on hair color or clip-in extensions with colorful hues. She can scrunch kitchen foil into an oval for the horn and secure it to her head using bobby pins. She may add accessories like glittery dust or other fun bows for an authentic unicorn appearance. This style works particularly well on girls with long locks as they can maintain their shape easily with some hairspray or styling products with strong hold capabilities.

Dollhouse Hairstyle

Dollhouse Hairstyles are an exciting way to prepare for the holidays. Add a festive flair by adding sparkly accents or using different hues – you’ll feel more confident knowing your look reflects well on you, which studies can lead to improved academic performance in school.

Melanie’s Hair Color

Melanie has colored her hair in shades ranging from black, pink, purple, and teal. For performances, she wears blonde wigs. Melanie said Cruella de Vil inspired her to dye her locks for performance.

Snip-its and Gabby’s Dollhouse Collaboration

Snip-its and Gabby’s Dollhouse have joined forces to bring this beloved series to salons nationwide with custom character-themed hairstyles, add-ons, exclusive content, and giveaways. Girls and boys can watch Gabby’s Dollhouse episodes while being serviced and conclude their adventure by opening one of Gabby’s Dollhouse’s premium toys from Magic Boxes located within each location.

Fruit Loops Braids

Girls don’t have to limit themselves to crazy hair looks for a crazy hair day; even those with short pixie cuts or bobs can make creative styles with accessories, like peg clips. She could create the appearance of a skunk, possum, or hedgehog using these clips; you could also add a toy spider for extra authenticity.

Mermaid Look

Your daughter could achieve a mermaid look with long box braids by spray painting and adding decorative accessories such as spray paint or glitter to her look. Or try creating Christmas styles using a bun maker or donut, green hairspray, and some decorations such as fake leaves. She could even use temporary orange spray-on hair color to give it that festive pumpkin look! For added shine, add glitter for an added flourish.

Lego Hairstyle

The Lego hairstyle is a type of Lego Minifigure hairpiece designed to add variety and extra character to their creations. Available in various colors and shapes, its lengths may be straight, wavy, or curly depending on its use; it is typically used on female minifigures but sometimes on male ones.

The Lego Movie Influence

In 2014’s The Lego Movie, this hairpiece made its first debut. According to its DVD extra, filmmakers reportedly trialed 150 styles before selecting one that best suited Emmet Brickowski, the protagonist in this film. They found one which echoed Urban Dictionary definitions of Lego hair with its double-pronged cowlick design.

Craft with Legos

Craft a stunning crazy hairstyle using Legos with this outstanding Soda Bottle Hair Pour Tutorial by Girl Loves Glam. For this style, shoulder-length hair will work best. Or try Lou Lou Girls’ Rainbow Crown Braid Tutorial instead for something different.