Cornrows With Added hair

Cornrows have proven timeless in beauty culture for many reasons: protective styling and reflecting African culture. This year has brought many fresh takes on the classic cornrow look, from Keke Palmer’s mega ponytail to Amandla Stenberg’s waterfall ponytail with blue extensions woven into her ponytail; we see all kinds of incredible renditions. Below are our favorite 2019 cornrow looks!

Two Statement Braids

Unleash your inner red-hot diva with this combination of cornrows and box braids, inspired by Janelle Monae’s signature style. Small cornrows crochet-braided with straight lines and zigzag box braids create an eye-catching mix of colors that will turn heads; complete this look with some elegant silver rings or beads for an added touch.

Cornrows with added hair can look very sophisticated when styled in a half-top fashion, as this style gives your locks ample room to showcase while giving the impression of orderliness and discipline. As FKA Twigs did, add gold rings to your cornrows for an elegant, formal look. Doing this is an easy way to elevate and set yourself apart. Or add face-framing braids like singer Marsai Martin did for an added romantic flair.

Asymmetrical Braids

If you want to add some variety and creativity to your cornrows, why not add asymmetrical braids that frame your face like this adorable style? Is it an easy protective hairstyle that can be enhanced further with beads or accessories for a pop of color? If pastel pink is your go-to hue, why not incorporate it into your cornrows for an adorable, flirty look that will turn heads? Add unicorn colors for a more whimsical style showcasing your fun personality! If you’re feeling extra daring, combine asymmetrical braids with bright red box braids for an eye-catching, captivating style worthy of royalty. Remember to moisturize your locks regularly and wear a silk scarf or bonnet at night to maintain this bold style!

Colorful Extensions

Cornrow braids offer natural-haired individuals looking to add some flair without risking damage to endless styling possibilities. From classic pigtail styles to Ethiopian and Eritrean Shuruba techniques, cornrows allow users to express themselves creatively without risking damage to their locks. Add some flair with this eye-catching magenta cornrow braid style! The thin braids are easy to manage, and their vibrant hue draws everyone’s attention. Tree braids add depth and dimension to cornrows for a seductive, more seductive look that perfectly frames your face frame. This exquisite style combines multi-directional side cornrows and the classic double boxer braid technique into one beautiful complex, and seductive plait, particularly on light-colored tresses.

Long Cornrows

Cornrows with added hair are an eye-catching style that can take your textured locks to another level. Corners require additional styling products and more commitment than shorter braided styles, perfect for natural waves of all textures and lengths. Cornrows with added hair offer many stunning styles, so here are a few of our favorites to inspire you to rock this look on a daily or occasional basis or for special events. This look works well both daytime and date wear, keeping your strands out of your face while looking gorgeous. For added style points, add some cuff beads as a finishing touch!