Cornrows For Black Womens Hair

Cornrows for black women are an exquisite and distinctive way to express your individuality. Choose between chunky cornrow braids or something more delicate like an Irun Kiko style – either way, your look will stand out! Beyonce, Alicia Keys, and Laverne Cox proudly sport cornrows on and off red carpet events – further demonstrating its timeless nature.

Chunky Cornrow Braids

Add glittering gold thread to cornrow braids for special events to make them even more radiant and stunning. She will feel like royalty wearing this elegant style – remember to moisturize her locks regularly to maintain healthy and luscious locks! If she wants something more daring, try sporting pigtail cornrows with a low ponytail for a playful yet protective style that will last weeks at a time – make sure that she uses a leave-in conditioner spray to keep her scalp moisturized! For an elegant formal look, she can wear her cornrows in a stacked bun – it makes a striking contrast against any dress she chooses to wear and can even be enhanced with an eyelet head wrap or bandana!

Goddess Braids

Goddess braids offer a unique feminine charm. Done using yarn, this type of braiding comes in various colors to match any look. Like tree or Fulani braids, which combine scalp-hugging cornrows with rows of braids falling toward your face and ears, goddess braids offer something unique for women looking for feminine braids. This braiding style works best with a side part and is an excellent way to protect hair against damage caused by tight techniques like traction alopecia. Furthermore, this protective style only needs washing sparingly; just moisturize regularly to reduce frizziness. Since this protective style requires more time to complete than others, visiting a salon for it would likely be best.

Marley Twists

If you enjoy the half-up, half-down look but don’t want to deal with much hair, this cornrow braid style is what you’re looking for. Featuring thick Marley twists that have been elegantly wrapped to form this unique design – also known as Ghana braid – it offers an attractive way to show off your unique texture. Marley twists are made even more stunning with just a touch of color, thanks to colored hair extensions that add highlight effects and create exciting contrasts, like this purple and black combination. Just be careful not to go overboard; otherwise, you risk ending up with an unsightly rainbow-colored mess on your head!

Beaded Cornrows

A high-braided ponytail is an eye-catching style that exudes femininity and can add flair to any dress or top you wear. Add extensions for fuller volume! Are you looking for an innovative way to elevate your cornrows? Consider decorating them with beads. Beads offer an excellent opportunity to express yourself creatively and showcase individuality – ensure that any beads used don’t pull on your scalp or cause any potential harm. Beaded cornrows offer an effortless style that’s simple to maintain and works well for everyday life. Just be sure to moisturize your scalp regularly, wear a scarf or bonnet at night to shield your braids from dryness, and use moisturizer between braiding sessions.


Cornrow braids have long been an elegant protective style popular since ancient Egypt. Available in an assortment of shapes and styles, cornrows complement any personality imaginable and are easy to maintain – offering endless styling possibilities like updos or twists! This girl’s triple cornrow ponytail is an effective way to protect natural textured locks while in school and can even be customized further with bows, beads, or flowers to add some flair and color. Add crochet braid extensions to your cornrows to elevate their style for an eye-catching combination in black and white that’s sure to draw admiring glances. Create your look into a Mohawk to channel your inner badass! To keep them looking their best, moisturize regularly and always wear a scarf or bonnet when sleeping to protect the style from getting mussed up in bed.