Cornrows For Black Women’s Hair

Beauty trends often seem fleeting; however, some styles remain timeless and have lasting cultural relevance. Cornrows have long been one of the more versatile styles. Celebrities such as Alicia Keys, Laverne Cox, and Beyonce have worn them on and off red carpet events, showing their versatility.

Center Part Braids

Ask your braider to create a center part with flat twists to achieve an elegant look for your formal event. These thick plaits lay flat against your head and can be styled into sophisticated updos. Additionally, this hairstyle protects natural locks from harsh elements. Regularly hydrate these twists using gel, edge control, or pomade products.

Janelle Monae showcased her glamorous, glamour-inspired style with woven cornrows adorned with gold embellishments. This captivating style offers a fresh take on traditional pigtail braids, perfect for showing off voluminous locks.

To achieve this stunning style, take on this seductive hairstyle by styling a chic kinky low bun with two lines of attractive feed-in cornrows. Allow some strands to drape languidly around your face for added sexy appeal, and leave some loose. It looks best on black women with medium to long locks that feature curly or kinky locks. Short-haired women may wish to add extensions for lengthening purposes.

Side Braids

Cornrows offer an excellent way for women to protect their hair from heat styling while creating an eye-catching style they can wear out. Get creative with this protective style by arranging braids in various ways to form wheel patterns or have them sweep around your face for an aesthetic finish. Chunky cornrows, sometimes known as goddess braids, offer another great choice, giving your locks a bold yet beautiful appearance sure to turn heads.

Ghana braids are an eye-catching braiding style originating in Ghana. This hairstyle consists of a straight-back cornrow coupled with other braids extending in opposite directions across the crown of the head. This look can be enhanced further with beautiful barrettes or cowrie shells for an eye-catching finish.

Braided Ponytail

If you want something unique, give zig-zag braids a try. They form an eye-catching geometric design on the top of your head and can be styled into traditional ponytail hairstyles and more formal bun styles to achieve that imperial queen look.

If your braids are more extended than desired, incorporating them into a curly ponytail will create an eye-catching, elegant look that will turn heads. This look is great for women who only have a little time in the morning to dedicate to styling their hair but still wish to show off their stunning braids. Make your braids even more noticeable by adding color. From one or more vibrant hues, these deep braids will surely catch everyone’s eye and get people talking. Mix things up by braiding some of your hair before adding colorful extensions for even more significant impact.

Under Braids

Cornrow braids form the basis for many other braid styles, from lemonade braids to Ghana braids. Mixing and matching different variations, you can find one that suits your lifestyle best – protective (lemonade) or whimsical (Ghana) versions.

Consider sporting jumbo side braids that cascade down your neck to achieve an elegant red carpet-ready style. Issa Rae opted for a sleek center-parted style featuring large side braids sweeping back behind her head. Alicia Keys and Skai Jackson also donned this versatile look for special events.

Flat twist braids can also make an elegant low bun option. Your stylist can create custom designs using different widths and angles of twists, or you can braid your hair into a high ponytail similar to Zoe Kravitz.

Braiding hair has long been an African tradition dating back to 3500 B.C. Today, Black women continue this practice as an expression of health and beauty.